AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS 2018 International Convention

Thursday, May 3, 2018 to Saturday, May 5, 2018
Hope Hotel and Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center, Dayton, OH

That's right. The armor modeling event in North America is heading to Dayton, Ohio, the home of the U.S. Air Force Museum! Our theme this year is "Mishaps and Oh Crap!".


Pre-registration is now open


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Time Left to Finish Your Models:

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AMPS Members

With the arrival of the New Year, it is election time for the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society. The election window will open on 1 March and close on 30 March. This year, the 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President - Canada, 2nd Vice President - South, 2nd Vice President - Northwest, and Membership Secretary positions are up for election. Per the AMPS Constitution and Bylaws, all nominees/potential officers will be paid up members in good standing with the Society and must remain so during their tenure in office. More information on eligibility of members to become Society officers can be found in the AMPS Constitution and Bylaws.

All AMPS members in good standing are encouraged to vote. Members can vote by clicking this link.

If there are any questions to concerning the election or the nomination process, please feel free to contact me by clicking here.

John Charvat
President, Armor Modeling and Preservation Society

The AMPS Community

The AMPS community is active through the discussion boards on this website and through social media. Find us on Facebook and check out our YouTube channel.

Discussion Boards

Our discussion boards cover a variety of topics regarding armor modeling and historical research. Ask a question, provide an answer or just sit back and learn from others in the AMPS community.

AMPS Chapters

Find a local AMPS chapter near you and connect with friends who share your interests, socialize or just hang out! Share and learn skills, tips, techniques and knowledge of modeling and research.

AMPS Membership

Elevate your knowledge and modeling skills to the next level! AMPS membership brings a number of benefits:
Boresight is our membership magazine. It's written by anmd for tank modelers. Every issue is jammed with research material and modeling articles.
Purchasing discounts come with your membership and are good at many hobby vendors. Your membership will pay for itself.
The AMPS International Convention is the largest all-armor show and hobby convention in the world! Your membership grants you access to the model contest to have your work judged by your peers.

AMPS Judging Principles

AMPS created a unique system to both judge the model and honor the modeler for artistic achievement and historical accuracy. It is a peer evaluation and mentoring and not a performance critique by experts. The system groups modelers that have similar skill levels and talents and rates the model in relation to the ability of the modeler rather than against the work of another modeler. The skill levels are Junior, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master.

Each model is reviewed and evaluated on its own merits and never compared to another one. Established criteria determine the scoring of the model and qualify the modeler for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Models are judged by a team of judges that score each model independently. The lowest score among the team is dropped. Constructive feedback is provided that sets a path to becoming a better, more skilled modeler.