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Tankograd - Militar Fahrzeug 3-2018

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Saturday, September 1, 2018
Tankograd Publishing
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EU 9.90
Reviewed By:
Danny Egan

Tankograd - Militar Fahrzeug 3-2018



MIlitar Fahrzeug is published by Tankograd. Each issue has a set of articles on modern and older armor developments, from new weapons systems on the "market" to photos of exercises. Typically there are a lot of great color photos. Text is German; photos require no translation. 

The current issue features: 

The modern-day Bundeswehr 'Buffel' armored recovery vehicle. Built on the Leopard chassis, the Buffle is the German counterpart to the US M88 recovery vehicle. Tankograd provides lots of walkaround detail shots as well as a few 'in action' shots. 



A shot alert on the Dutch museum at Harde, featuring some interesting postwar equipment. 

 An article on the Italian armored car 'Lancia 1zM. This WW1 car was used in the German imperial army, the "Freikorps" gangs and in the Wehrmacht. In addition to historical photos, this article features a restoration. 





Vehicles of the US Army's "Dagger" Brigade (2nd BCT, 1st Infantry Division) on exercise in Poland. This features a new US Army overall scheme of green over the normal sand CARC paint, with some new markings. 



Canadian Ferret armored cars in Germany 1954-68.



Portugeuse tanks on exercise, including M60A3s and Leopard 2A6s. 


The Swedish Brobandwagn 941, and a short article on the German Boxer ICV in Australia. 






This magazine represents great value for your money, in my opinion. You can keep up with the news on new systems, take a look at photos from exercises of the past, and get some great modeling ideas. The only real downside for most AMPS members is the all-German text. The photo quality is mostly outstanding. 


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Tankograd Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Danny Egan


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