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Copper State Models - Lanchester AC Chains for Wire Wheels

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Sunday, October 7, 2018
Copper State Models (CSM)
Retail Price:
6.05 euro
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

Lanchester AC Chains for Wire Wheels


This is another of the Copper State Model products released in support of the company’s fine Lanchester Armored Car kit. Previously reviewed items for this kit have included a full photoetch set, as well as a painting masks set intended for construction of  Lanchesters in Belgian service.

This simple set comes securely packaged in a zip lock bag, with no damage noted to it’s contents. 


Above - an interesting period photo of a Lanchester with chained rear wheels ( note differing tread patterns! )

Contents of this Set


This set consists of one fairly substantial fret of photoetched brass, containing parts to assemble chains for the two tandem rear wheels on a Lanchester. The detail of the chains is crisp and well rendered, within the obvious limitations of duplicating a three dimensional part such as chains in a flat, two dimension media. The fret attachment points are small and should be easily dealt with.

Each of the tandem rear wheels gets a two part chain assembly. Fit to the wheels will be a simple task.


Above - detail view of the chains


Above - the simple, single page instructions sheet


Above - the sets backer card contains basic photoetch handling instructions


This set will be a nice addition to that Lanchester posed on the muddy fields of the Western Front, or on the icy roads of Russia ( some Lanchesters did serve in the East ).

This is a simple yet effective, eye-catching detail for the Lanchester armored car.  Some careful application of thicker paints will help with a bit more of a three dimensional appearance to these chains, and they should be an interesting addition to your build. 

I look forward with great interest to Copper State Models future products!


Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Copper State Models for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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