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Copper State Models - Lanchester AC Belgian Camouflage Painting Mask set

Kit Number:
Saturday, October 6, 2018
Copper State Models (CSM)
Retail Price:
19.36 euro
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire


Lanchester AC Belgian Camouflage Painting Masks Set 


This is a new product from Copper State Models intended to compliment their recent, highly regarded Lanchester Armoured Car release (seen below). This product is a set of masks that will assist the modeler in building this kit into a representation of the Lanchester armored car in Belgian service.

This set comes securely packaged inside a zip lock bag. All set contents were received in perfect condition.


above - the kit that this set compliments

Contents of the Package


This set consists of three sheets of peel-off masks.


As can be seen in above photo, some of these masks have holes corresponding to rivets or bolts on the car, making it easy to get the masks placed properly, as well as flat to the surface. There are also appropriate cut-outs for hinges, etc. Masking fluid would then be used for rivets, etc.


Above - the cuts for the masks are quite intricate, and would be hard to duplicate by hand.


Above - Although not addressed by the instructions, these can only be masks for the wheels.


Above - the set contains a one sheet instruction guide where kit parts numbers for the masks are called out.


Above - the backer card for the package contains some general guidelines for using these masks.


Above - from the Lanchester kit box side panel, an illustration of a Belgian Lanchester.


Above is the page of the Lanchester kit instructions that addresses the Camouflage scheme of the Lanchester armored cars used in Belgian service. This is a particularly striking paint scheme!


This mask set is the perfect compliment to the Lanchester armored car kit for those wishing to build a Lanchester in Belgian service during the Great War. The set appears to be perfectly cut and ready for application to the Lanchester kit. I will be using this set just as soon as I build my own Lanchester kit, and will post an update here, including photos of the completed project when completed.

NOTE - the builder will need to use some masking fluid ( not supplied in the mask set ) to fill in those areas ( rivets, etc ) that are cut out of the masks to allow for their flat and snug application to the car’s surfaces.

This masking set will go a long way towards making what would be a tough, complex job of replicating the Belgian camouflage scheme for the Lanchester much easier to accomplish.

Its great to see Copper State Model producing follow-on products for this recently released kit, and I look forward to seeing more interesting releases from them in the future.

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Copper State Models for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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