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Tankograd - M915 Early Variants

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Friday, October 5, 2018
Tankograd Publishing
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Allan Hoffman



Tankograd - M915 Early Variants 




   Following Tankograd’s usual format this publication is printed in both German and English. Including the front and rear overleaf there are 64 pages with 108 color, 15 black and white images plus 6 line drawings.  

   The early variants covered here were manufactured by the AM General Corporation beginning service in 1979 and still in service today. A study was begun in the early 70’s to attempt to incorporate commercially available tractor trucks in the 44,000 to 68,000 GVW range. Of the 6 truck manufacturers bidding AM General was low and awarded the initial contract. Their bid was based on a licensing agreement with the Crane Carrier Corporation to manufacture and market to the government 3 of their existing models.  International Harvester filed a protest but it was disallowed.

  The following variants are covered in this publication:

  • M915 & M915A1 Truck Tractor Line Haul 50,000 GVWR 6x4
  • M916 Truck Tractor Light Equipment Transporter (LET) 56,000 GVWR 6x6 with Winch
  • M917 Truck Chassis 75,000 GVWR 8x6 Dump Truck
  • M918 Truck Chassis 56,000 GVWR 6x6 for Bituminous Distributor Truck
  • M919 Truck Chassis 75,000 GVWR 8x6 for Concrete Mobile-Mixer
  • M920 Truck Tractor Medium Equipment Transporter (MET) 75,000 GVWR 8x6 with Winch

Also covered are the P1-Variants with the crew protection kit (CPK) and very briefly later Freightliner M915 variants. 

   Below are some representative images:








Final Thoughts

   This is not my first Tankograd publication and won’t be my last. I have always been impressed with the high quality and variety of photos used. What I do think would be more beneficial would be more interior and detail shots. That being said this book would be a valuable source of information to anyone interested in the M915 family of vehicles.



Review Body

Highly Recommended 

Thanks goes out to Tankograd Publishing for this review publication 

Reviewed by Allan Hoffman


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