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Copper State Models - British AC Division, Petty Officer Relief

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Monday, October 15, 2018
Copper State Models (CSM)
Retail Price:
15.73 Euro
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

Copper State Models

British RNAS Armored Car Division

Petty Officer Relief


Copper State Models marches on with it’s interesting products done in support of it’s recent Lanchester armored car. In my humble opinion, CSM is “doing it right”, in supporting their new releases with the wide range of complimentary products that they are releasing. These products include photoetch sets, wire wheels, painting masks, and a wide range of figures. My fellow reviewer Chris Lloyd-Staples has very recently posted a review of several of these Copper State Models figures, and they look extremely well done. I was quite eager to examine some of them myself.

The subject of this review is an RNAS Petty Officer ummm.....taking a break, shall we say. The image above doesn’t make it immediately super clear what the gent is doing, but all will be revealed in a “wee” bit... 

Head’s Up / Warning - if the sight of an anatomically correct 1/35 Scale resin figure offends you, close out of this review now. There. You have been warned....meanwhile,.....

What’s in the Package?


Well, it should be apparent now what this Petty Officer feels the need to do. He’s watering one of his Lanchester’s tires!

As can be seen above, this figure kit is made up of five parts, including the greatcoat ( to the left of of the figure in the above image ) that he’s draped over a stowage box on the armored car while he takes care of business. These parts are cast of an easily worked gray resin. This resin takes an Xacto blade and / or sandpaper very well, not that much cleanup is required on these parts.


Above - the details on this casting are exquisitely done, especially for such a complex, single piece casting. Quite obviously, this casting has a LOT going on, encompassing as it does everything from the boots to the tunic collar, and all the bits in-between. There is just one little thing that strikes me as slightly undersized, but a fellow reviewer stated that in his experience it seemed adequate...

The uniform draping is very nicely represented, and the details all over this casting are quite crisp and cleanly done. Note as well, that are there are no troublesome air bubbles to be dealt with. These castings are physically done ( casting-wise ) as well as they are done detail-wise.


Above - the headgear, facial features, and hands on this figure are very lifelike and cleanly done, with great definition. Is it just me, or is that a satisfied smile of relief above?


Above - I had no Lanchester stowage box handy, so I used a stunt double to pose the finely done greatcoat.


Fit of the arms into the torso was quite precise, with almost no gap to be seen.


There is just a wee bit of gap in the left armpit, no doubt my fault, and easily corrected with gap filling CA


Fit was quite good overall, with easy ( and minimal ) parts clean up prior to assembly. The toughest part of clean-up is cleaning the mold seams on the puttees, and prior to painting this figure, I’ll spend just a wee bit more time to do that better.


This is a terrifically well done figure, even if the pose doesn’t really appeal to you. Personally, I like the injection of a bit of humor into our hobby, and find it to be a nice balance to the nature and purpose of the subject matter which our hobby involves.

The castings contained in this kit are superbly done, being crisply and cleanly done. The representation of the cloth uniform is very realistically rendered. There is very little little clean up required prior to assembly, and fit ( particularly the arms to the torso) was perfect. Note that there are exactly ZERO casting blocks to be laboriously sawed away from the parts. For a resin kit, this is as good as it gets.

I was eager to personally examine some figures from Copper State Models after seeing the prior review on several, thinking that the reviews made the figures look quite good. Now, after examining some CSM figures up close and personal, I can say that in my opinion, they ARE that good.

Copper State Models continue their excellent work!


Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Copper State Models for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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