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Copper State Models - Belgian Armored Car Crewman

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Copper State Models (CSM)
Retail Price:
15.73 Euro
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

Copper State Models

Belgian Armored Car Crewman


This figure kit from Copper State Models is a welcome companion piece to the Belgian Armored Car Officer reviewed previously here on the AMPS website. These Belgian troops are a nice addition to that Lanchester Armored Car done up as one in Belgian service. All of the wide range of follow-on items marketed by CSM in support of their Lanchester armored car are available via their website.

This figure kit is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, with all parts inside a cello bag which in turn is wrapped in bubble wrap. All parts were undamaged and perfect shape.

What’s in the Box?


This figure kit consists of a total of six parts cast in a gray resin. The parts are very well cast, with no flaws. Mold seams are very near to non-existent. Casting blocks on the parts are small, and easily removed. There are no troublesome air bubbles to be dealt with. 

The overall quality of the parts in terms of detail is excellent. The mastering of this figure was very well done, as the details on the castings are quite crisp and sharp. The image above shows this fairly well, but in all honesty, the figure is BETTER than the photographs can illustrate.

The uniform folds, creases and draping is all very realistically done. The puttees ( cloth leg wrappings ), the cloth cover on the Adrian helmet, the boots...all are superbly represented. The mastering of the figures hands and head are wonderful, with realistic facial features and hair.


Above - enlarged view of the head


Above - stunningly good detail


Above - further enlarged details, including the water bottle

Clean up of the parts was super quick and easy, and the figure was quickly assembled using CA ( super glue ). Fit was very good, with the head and arms quite simply just plugged into place. The arms seemed to slot exactly where they needed to, for the left hand to rest naturally on the left hip, and the right arm elevated to rest on the armored car. 

The area where I had just a small bit of trouble was in fitting the water bottle to the figure. The folds of his tunic wouldn’t allow the bottle to fit naturally to it, and the small lengths of the strap to either side of the bottle didn’t mate up well with the straps cast onto the torso of the figure. I used a small motor tool with a burr bit to remove a bit of material where the bottle logically needed to rest, and used a little strap material made of electrical tape to join the water bottle straps to those on the figure. This was a quick fix, just take care in removing material from the figure, and dry fit often. 


Above - water bottle in place


Above - completed figure. Like the other Belgian figure, the figure can be posed with or without helmet.


This figure is a natural companion to the Belgian Armored Car Officer ( after all, the Officer needs someone to boss around...) as well as the Lanchester itself. He’d also be useful posed alongside other Belgian equipment of the Great War period. 

The parts quality is simply outstanding, with outstanding detail very well executed. The pose is a nice natural looking one which will complement a vehicle very well. Fit was outstanding as well, with just the small matter of fitting the water bottle. 

I’ve liked all of the CSM figures that I’ve examined thus far, and look forward to seeing more releases from this company!

I recently met the gentlemen who run CSM at Scale Model Challenge 2018 in Holland, and am very impressed with their commitment to excellence in their projects, and their desire to bring modelers even more interesting items in the future. 

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Copper State Models for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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