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Bronco - British Airborne Troops riding in 1/4 Tn Truck & Trailer

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Thursday, March 13, 2014
Bronco Models
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$65.00 USD
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Jeff DeMuth


The 1st British Airborne Division was formed in 1941 under the direction of the Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. It consisted of the 1st Parachute Brigade which were trained for parachute landing. Joined later by the 1st Airlanding Brigade which would normally be landed by glider. This force was quickly expanded and the 6th Airborne Division was formed in 1943. At first the Airborne troops were used for raids on enemy coastal installations, but gradually Jeeps, Universal Carriers' Light Tanks and small artillery pieces were added to their inventory. The Jeep became the usual mode of transport, often towing a trailer, as they could be carried in the smaller Horsa gliders. After 1944 the British and American Airborne forces worked closely together and were heavily engaged during the D-Day Landings and the drive into Germany. British Airborne troops used standard infantry weapons and equipment, with the exception of the Sykes-Fairbairn fighting knife issued only to special forces.


The Instructions



The kit consists of 21 plastic sprues with:

Approximately 200 parts

  • 9 Sprues for the Jeep and Trailer
  • 11 Sprues for the figures and weapons
  • 1 Sprue for the clear parts
  • 2 PE Frets
  • 2 Decal Sheets
  • 1 x 16 page instruction booklet

The molding of the parts is very good with very minimal cleanup required. I'd say the figure sprues had more parting line flash than the vehicle sprues.

There are a lot of tiny, detailed parts in this kit. From a mold design standpoint, it appears a lot of thought when into gate and ejector pin locations on the parts.

This kit also has many build configuration options provided. For example, you are given three choices of front wheel position, left center and right pointing wheels.

This sprue contains some of the chassis and body parts

This sprue contains the engine and suspension parts

The axles

Note the choice of steering wheels

Close up of the spare tire mounting bracket, horn and mg pedestal

"T" latches for the hood/bonnet

Closeup of the components for the engine assembly

A very nice sprue of Jerry cans

More details, including two wheels that are not used in the kit

A nicely rendered Thompson SMG - not used in this kit

A good example of the very small details in this kit

Well rendered tires with "period" Ford logo

One may wish to drill out the molded on valve stem and replace with styrene rod stock or stretched sprue

The weapons sprue. Some nice details here.

Nice Vickers(?) MG's! IS there a SAS version in our future? 

A bonus radio not used in this kit. Into the spares bin it goes!

The wheel sprue. Note the third steering wheel, second hood and extra tools!

Very nice Firestone tires!


The trailer sprue

Nicely rendered cable for the lights on the trailer. This is the bottom panel.

Details of the second weapons sprue

Fantastic detail on the pistol holster!

UGLY knit line on the rifle...

Details of the figure sprue(s)

Wicker basket with separate handles 

Crew gear


The P.E. frets

Windscreen and lamp lenses

The decal sheets

The Carcass

Initial impressions are that this is going to be a sweet kit to build. As can be seen in the photos above, this a a fairly clean kit. Not a lot of flash and the detail is crisp . Looking out on the web, I have seen only a couple of build ups of this kit so far , but what I am seeing confirms my impressions of this kit. I am looking forward to the build!

The build of this kit will be covered in a future issue of BORESIGHT

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (pending full build)

Thanks to  DragonUSA for providing this review sample.

Reviewed by Jeff DeMuth