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ICM - 1/35 T-34/76 early 1943 production

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Monday, January 11, 2016
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Robert Yeatman

ICM T-34/76 early 1943 production

ICM has released in 1/35 scale the early 1943 production variant of one of the most iconic tanks of WWII, the T-34/76. Marking options are for six tanks in 1942/43/44, 3 in winter white camo and 3 green. Enough spare wheels are included to model a steel/rubber roadwheel combo or all rubber roadwheels. The instructions are clear and well laid out without feeling overly busy. A low parts count of roughly 200 plastic and rubber pieces (no photo etch) makes for a simpler build yet still has plently of details.

Whats in the box-

Construction begins with the upper hull by installing the engine cover and hull mg housing. Air intakes are then added with blanking plates installed underneath.

The drivers hatch and engine cover are installed. The rear plate is added with exhausts and covers.

The next steps move to the lower hull by adding the internal suspension spring housings, transmission covers and swing arms. Driver and hull gunner seats are added along with the hull mg and steering levers.

The wheels are then assembled and installed. This version calls for rubber wheels on the outermost stations and steel wheels in between. The rubber wheels are thicker than their steel counterparts so I used the gap between the inner and outer wheels to make sure everything was lined up.

The upper and lower hulls are then joined with the grab handles and front towing lugs installed. A few small typos on the instruction sheet are as follows - parts labeled C2-1 should be parts C1-9 used. Parts C1-7 & C1-29 should swap places on the hull.

The turret assembly comes next with a nice gun assembly including the coaxial machine gun. The turret has a rough surface for a cast effect that looks good to me. The mantlet has a gap on the weld beads on the sides which will need filling. The two piece barrel and collar are assembled at this point. Part C2-7 on the instruction sheet is incorrect and part D1-5 should be used instead.

The rest of the turret details and hatches are now added along with the grab handles. These are very fragile and care will need to be taken handling and removing from the sprues. The barrel was then added finishing off the turret.

The rubber tracks are two pieces per side and have good detail and are nice and flexable. Liquid cement would not join them together but CA glue worked fine. The tow cables are made from the same material with styrene ends and were assembled the same way.

The lower hull is finished off with external fuel tanks, grab handles (be careful) tools and storage boxes.

The turret is added and construction is complete!

The model was then painted using Tamiya & Vallejo acrylics. I used CA glue in between the tracks and wheels to hold them down for a realistic sag. The decals were thin and went on well.


A good solid kit and I enjoyed building it.


My sincere thanks to Squadronfor the review sample

Reviewed by Robert Yeatman, SoCal AMPS

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