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Fonthill - The British Army of the Rhine after the First World War

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978 1 78155 564 4
Thursday, December 28, 2017
Fonthill Media
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Paul Roberts

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The British Army of the Rhine after the First World War


This quarto-sized, softcover book is a history of, as the title says, the BAOR during the occupation period after WWI. It outlines the activities of the various units engaged in occupation duties during the tumultuous period immediately after November 11, 1918. It covers interactions with the Freicorps, the rise of the Brownshirts as well as the amusements the soldiers engaged in to stave off boredom during those long years of inaction while the society around them was in the beginning stages of eventual dissolution. It is well written, if a bit dry, and covers the activities of the British soldiers and their interactions with the local German population over a twelve year period at a time of great upheaval in German society.

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The book is 176 pages on medium weight, crisp paper. The photos are limited to 32 pages of period shots, all, therefore, in black and white, grouped in the centre of the book. The images are a collection of photos and various graphics from newspapers of the British occupation force. The contents are essentially broken up into chapters, one for each year of the occupation from 1918-19 through 1930, with an introduction setting the stage and a final summary chapter tying up the entire period.

This is a specialised book dealing with a neglected, if niche topic. Well suited to those interested in the detailed history of the British army between the wars, it may be of limited appeal to others.

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Recommended for students of the interwar period or of the British Army after WW I.

Thanks goes out to Fonthill Media for this review kit.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts


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