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M60 Main Battle Tank

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Monday, January 1, 2018
Squadron-Signal Publications
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John Charvat

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M60 Main Battle Tank

David Doyle, Author

Squadron Signal Publications 

David Doyle is no stranger to the armor modeling and historical military crowd. His works on US military vehicles is unequalled and are reference staples to any modeling library.  AMPS International Convention attendees can always find David and his wife, Denise, in attendance as an AMPS vendor and supporter. Recently, David released a soft cover pictorial reference, published by Squadron’s Signal Publication on the M60 series of tanks in US service that provides plenty of model and diorama inspiration for the Cold War armor modeler. 


The development of the M60 began in 1957 and stems from the M48A2 tank and shares common features: three support rollers, the white and infrared headlight assemblies, the rounded “turtle shaped” turret and the flat mantlet.   However, there are differences between the two tanks, mainly the straight edge on the front of the hull, aluminum fenders and storage boxes, a diesel AVDS-1790 engine, a 105mm main gun and a low profile M19 commander’s cupola with the M85 machine gun.


The M60 family had six members that soldiered on from the early 1960’s until today.  Four of the variants are gun tanks: the M60, M60A1, M60A2 and M60A3, while two are combat engineer variants: the M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle, commonly known as the CEV, and the M60 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge, the AVLB, which continues to serve in the US Army.  



The book is broken down into two sections that cover the development of the M60 series vehicles as well as the vehicles being used in the field.  There are several sources of the photos, mainly the National Archives, The Defense Visual Information Center (DVIC), the Tank and Automotive Command’s (TACOM) Historical Office, the Rock Island Arsenal and Patton Museums.  The majority of the photos are color, with some in black and white, and depict the various vehicles in the M60 family in Olive Drab as well as camouflage schemes, serving with the US Army and US Marine Corps worldwide. 

 USMC M60A1.jpg

The verdict is that Mr. Doyle continues to fill in the gaps on military vehicle development and service histories through his pictorial series.  The pictures are crisp and primarily show the gun tanks of the M60 family as they served the US Army and USMC through Cold War period, culminating with the USMC’s M60A1s serving in OPERATION DESERT STORM.  The Engineer variants have lesser coverage, primarily due to the lesser photographic coverage. 

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“Tanks” to David Doyle and Squadron Signal Publications for the review sample of the book that covered first tank that I served on (M60A3 TTS) during my 21 years of service in the US Army. 

Highly Recommended for for the modeler as well as the armor historian

Thanks goes out to David Doyle and Squadron-Signal Publications for this review kit.

Reviewed by John Charvat, Sooner AMPS


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