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Tankograd - Panzer Kampf in Eis und Schnee

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Tankograd Publishing
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Paul Roberts


Panzer Kampf in Eis und Schnee

Panzer Manover 01

Carl Schulze


This is apparently the first issue in a new series of periodicals from Tankograd Publishing. Entirely in German, there, nonetheless, does not appear to be an editorial section explaining the purpose of the new series, so we\ll have to see what evolves in future issues. From the contents of this issue and from the name of the series, it appears to be focused on military vehicles in action. In keeping with that idea, there is very little text apart from the captions of the many, excellent photos. This issue is broken up into 5 sections covering a number of subjects all related to tanks in ice and snow.


The first article appears to be about a multinational NATO winter exercise, Cold Response, involving units from Finland, Poland, Canada, Norway, Sweden and the US. This article does have a 2-page description of the exercise, contrary to the other articles.


The second article is about Norwegian Leopard 2A4NOs on winter exercises and has some great photos of this variant.


Next up is an article about American M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams both with and without the SEP package.


The fourth article depicts various personnel carriers in the winter including CV90s, AA7Vs and M2 Bradleys.


Last covered are various support vehicles such as engineering, bridging, LAVs, ARVs and SPs.


Notwithstanding the lack of English text, the photos in this publication are up to Tankograd's high standards and this should be a must-buy for any student of modern armour.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks goes out to Tankograd Publishing for this review copy.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts


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