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GTK Boxer

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Thursday, October 11, 2018
Tankograd Publishing
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Paul Roberts


Tankograd Special No. 5072

GTK Boxer

Ralph Zwilling

Tankograd Publishing

64 pages plus covers



This is another book in Tankograd Publishing’s expanding line of military vehicle monographs. This volume details the development and deployment of Germany’s 8-wheeled personnel carrier, the Boxer. As with many of Tankograd’s monographs, these works follow a pretty standard format. The first 8 or 10 pages are primarily text (in both German and English) and hold the details of the Boxer’s genesis, development, manufacture, technical description and then later chapters detail the main variants. As is usual in this series, the amount of information provided is well balanced and suitable for a work of this size. While I can’t speak to the German translation, the English text is quite good and reads very well.


My main critique is that having the development and technical sections with no photographs breaks the visual link between the descriptions and any clarifying images of the development vehicles. Several technical points are made regarding the evolution of the Boxer that would have been more useful had the photographs been inserted on the page alongside the relevant text. The photos are in the book, just completely separate from the relevant descriptions. I would ask the book designer/layout person to reconsider their approach on this matter.


The rest of the book is devoted to overall photographs of Boxer details and variants, including quite a few prototypes. There is also a really nice 1/35 scale, multi-view drawing. The photos are generally ½ or 1/3 of a page and virtually all are in colour. There is a significant amount of detail photography and if building a model, you will likely find that these are a great help, especially the interior photos.


The book itself is in standard A4 size and uses glossy paper throughout. The card stock covers show good views of the main variants, but are, once again, wasted because these same views also occur in the body of the book. This is an editorial decision, though, and only marginally affects the overall work.


Highly recommended. This is an excellent reference for any modeller.


Many thanks to Tankograd Publishing for the review sample.


Reviewed by Paul Roberts


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