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Sabot Pub. M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Vol 1 and Vol 2

ISBN Number:
978-1-947552-06-7 / 07-4
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Sabot Publications
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$35.00 USD each
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire


Sabot Pub. M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Vols. 1and 2


Sabot Publications has only been around for a few years, but has rapidly made a very good name for itself with its line of high quality photo-heavy reference works on largely modern subjects.

New from Sabot Publications is this two volume set providing extensive photographic coverage of the M2A3 version of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. These two photo-reference volumes are intended as a set, but each focuses on differing aspects of the M2A3 Bradley and will be reviewed independently below.

As note above, these two books are intended as photo-reference works, and so there isn’t really a lot of text beyond brief Introductions in each volume, and a great many photo captions. There are some very nice full color profiles of the M2A3 included in each volume.

Vital Statistics

Format - Softcover, portrait format

 Page Count - heavyweight, glossy paper,  133 pages Vol.1, 146 pages Vol. 2

 Size - 11” x 8.5”

Photos -  hundreds in each volume, all Full Color

Tables / Drawings / Diagrams - several color profiles of the M2A3 Bradley in each volume

All text and photo captions are in English

Volume 1


Volume 1 of the set provides photographic coverage of the Bradley on various maneuvers in Europe, as stated on the cover. The coverage is divided by exercise or activity, and there are a lot of them! The time period when most of these images were made seems to be between 2014 and 2018. Some ( by no means all ) of the exercises pictured;

Peace Sentinel, at Korean, Bulgaria

Heidesturm Shock, at Storkau Germany ( assault river crossing ops on the Elbe River )

Combined Resolve V, VI, VII at Hohenfels, Germany

Getica Saber, at Cincu Romania

Various training exercises at the Grafenwoeher Training Area, Germany

New Bradley M2A3s arriving in Germany


The wide range of activities shown in the photographs is both informative and fascinating, showing the Bradley in all sorts of interesting actions. Above, the assault crossing exercise of the Elbe river.


Photograph sizes range from just a few being quarter-page sized, all the way up to two page spreads as seen above. The bulk of the images seem to be half-page sized, and a very large number are full page images. Given the size of these books, that makes for some very nice, big photographs to examine.


There are quite a few pages chock full of great in-detail close up views, crisp and sharp images where all details can clearly be made out. These images will come in very handy for those rivet counters among us who will use them to verify their builds accuracy to the highest degree possible. These are terrific resources to have when it comes to the smallest of details.


Above - some very nice additions to these volumes are the color profiles included. These will give the reader some good references as to camouflage schemes, markings and basic colors used on the Bradley. 


Above, the generously sized format of these books allow for large image reproduction, which allows for easy viewing of the details in the photographs. The images above showing the Bradley in muddy conditions are terrific weathering references for example.


Above - there are page after page of crisp, sharp, well composed photographs...entire vehicle overview photos, close-up detail photographs, and everything in between. The range of quality images contained in this volume is incredibly wide.


Volume 2



So, with everything that we’ve established as being contained in Volume 1 of this set, what could possibly be left to examine in Volume 2? 

Plenty, as it turns out. 

This volume begins with a brief Introduction, where some background on earlier versions of the Bradley going back to it’s Introduction in 1982 is discussed, and follows up with several pages of images of Bradley’s participating in exercises in locations as diverse as Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Germany, and at several locations stateside. 

The bulk of this particular book though, is devoted to an extremely thorough area by area examination of the M2A3 Bradley, a Walkaround, with each specific area of the Bradley ( Front, Right Side, Left Side, Rear, Turret, Inside the Turret, Inside the Rear, and Driver’s Hole ) getting several pages worth of terrific images.

This volume second half continues with several interesting photo studies; Gunnery at Ft Stewart, The M2A3 In the Field at Ft Stewart, Maintenance, The Bushmaster Chain Gun, The BCOTM Bradley ( a command version ), Bradley’s in Korea, and The M7A3 B-Fist ( Fire Support Team Vehicle ).

As you can tell, there’s quite a bit packed into this Volume 2, and none of it is repetitive. In fact, it dovetails very well with the content from Volume 1, making BOTH books in this set very complimentary to one another.


As with the first volume, the photographs range in size from a few quarter page sized ones, up to full page images. Even the smaller ( although at the generous size that this book, there really are no “small” images ) photographs are large enough to view all the details well.


A really nice job in particular is done with the Walkaround photographs. The images are absolutely spot on crystal clear, well composed and lit. Many components are shown from different aspects, adding further interest and value to this section of the book. 


There are quite a number of superb interior images; of the commander’s station, drivers station and other working spaces inside the Bradley. Not forgotten is the troop compartment, which is shown in several great images.


Every square inch of the M2A3 is shown in crystal clear detail, including all sorts of advanced equipment mounted seemingly everywhere on the Bradley. Nothing has escaped the all seeing camera..


All images in this volume, as with Volume 1, are bright and crisp, well lit and well composed. 

Please Note - The images in both of these volumes are far better than my photography shows. The production values in both volumes in this set are very high, and the heavyweight, glossy paper allows for outstanding photo reproduction.


Similarly to Volume 1, this second volume also contains several very nicely rendered full color profiles of the Bradley. These will be of great use to those seeking color, camouflage and markings information.


Not neglected in this second volume are plenty of images of the Bradley in the field, in wide variety of locations and differing climates and conditions. Again, these photographs are first rate, with details clearly visible.


Given the wall to wall outstanding photography on display throughout both of these volumes, one of the biggest issues I encountered in preparing this review was simply figuring out which images to include in it. I need to confess that after wrestling with this issue awhile, I decided to pick images for the review more or less at random. The point is; these photographs are just that uniformly good, of that much interest, and that much quality.


If you’ve read this review up to this point, it much be pretty obvious that I am quite impressed with these two volumes on the Bradley. As photo reference works, these two books are of immense value. I wouldn’t want to even consider trying to model the M2A3 Bradley without this set of books nearby.

The photography is absolutely top notch, with virtually all photographs being of good interest, crystal clear, crisp and sharp, well lit and well composed. The photographs chosen for this set of books are superb.

The captions are good, giving the reader solid information on what he’s seeing, and the when’s and where’s are provided as well.

These books could certainly be purchased separately, but their best value lies in how both books dovetail together, given what each volume focuses on. You really ought to have the pair, for complete coverage of the Bradley. Also, there is literally ZERO wasted space in these books, the photographs are wall to wall. I gave up on trying to count them..

If you have any interest in the M2A3 Bradley, you need this two volume set.

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Sabot Publications for the review copies

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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