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AMMO by MIG- 1/72 T-54 B (Mid Prod.)

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Monday, September 16, 2019
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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James Spellmire

T-54 B (Mid Production)

1/72 Scale

AMMO by Mig Jimenez


A. Box (1).jpg

This highly anticipated first 1/72 scale armor kit from AMMO by Mig Jimenez is finally available.  It comes in a folding box (front pictured above, back shown below) with useful artwork all around.

A. Box (2).jpg



The box contents include a bottom hull tub and five sprues (the track and wheels sprue is duplicated) and are of gray injected plastic.   A small sheet of photo etch, wire for tow cables and decals are also included.  A 38 page fully illustrated instruction manual completes the kit.

The sprues:

B. Sprues (3).jpgB. Sprues (4) - Copy.jpgB. Sprues (4).jpgB. Sprues (5).jpg

Not an excessive parts count here, but enough to provide good detail.  Sprue C includes two track patterns to help assemble the track off the wheels and then glue the entire assembly in place.  I have never engaged this process before, so it will be something new for me during the build.  The grab irons are very delicate, and hopefully will not break when being removed from the sprue. 


The bottom hull tub (top and bottom views):


B. Sprues (1).JPG


B. Sprues (2).JPG

Good detail on the bottom, even if it will probably never be seen once the tank is mounted on a base.


The tow cable wire and photo etch sheet:

C. Photo etch & wire.jpg


The decal sheet:

D. Decals.jpg


Decals are included for six different North Vietnam tanks during the Vietnam War and after (1972 -1980), one Egyptian tank during the Six Days War (1967), one Syrian, one Egyptian, and one Sinai side tank from the Yom Kippur War (1973), and a Syrian tank from 2016.  That is eleven different tanks total.

The instruction manual:

E. Instructions (1).jpg

E. Instructions (2).jpg

After a brief intro, several color and period reference pictures of a North Viet Nam tank are included:

 E. Instructions (3).jpg

E. Instructions (4).jpg

Next are the pages instructing you to use MIG glues (CA, Extra Thin Cement, or Ultra Fixer) and the all important parts list and sprue diagrams:

E. Instructions (5).jpg

This is followed by fourteen pages of 18 assembly steps:

E. Instructions (6).jpg

E. Instructions (7).jpg

E. Instructions (8).jpg

E. Instructions (9).jpgE. Instructions (10).jpg

E. Instructions (10b).jpg

E. Instructions (11).jpg

E. Instructions (12).jpg

The final pages provide full color painting and decal placement guides for all eleven versions:

E. Instructions (14).jpg

E. Instructions (15).jpg

E. Instructions (16).jpg

E. Instructions (17).jpg

All color references are to A. MIG paints.  There are no cross references to other manufacturer's paints. 

The back cover contains ads for other MIG products offered:

E. Instructions (18).jpg


This looks to be a great initial entry for AMMO by Mig Jiminez to 1/72 scale injection molded plastic armor kits.  The parts look to be well detailed for this scale, and includes track forms and a photo etch sheet. The instructions look to be extremely well designed, even if all paint references and glue tips only mention MIG products. Although the decals are mostly of North Vietnam tanks, which may put off many modelers here in the States, there are other options.  Although no 1/72 T-54 aftermarket decals are commercially available, alternate decals can be sourced from other T-54B kits previously offered (eg. Trumpeter, ACE or PST.)   

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders, pending full build.

Thanks goes out to AMMO by Mig for this review kit.

Reviewed by James Spellmire


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