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German Light Tank Pz. Kpfw.35(t)

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019
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Henry Milton

German Light Tank Pz.Kfw.35(t)

Kit Number: A1362

Scale: 1/35

Manufacturer: Airfix

Pz.Kfw. 35(t) 1st look 001_edited.jpg

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The build starts with construction of the multi-part hull. This along with drive sprocket housings, idler housings and the stand-alone road wheels make up step 1.

Panzer 35t (02).jpgPanzer 35t (03).jpgPanzer 35t (04).jpgPanzer 35t (05).jpgPanzer 35t (06).jpgPanzer 35t (07).jpg

The second step has you build up the road wheel assemblies, idlers, return rollers and drive sprockets.

Panzer 35t (08).jpgPanzer 35t (09).jpgPanzer 35t (10).jpgPanzer 35t (11).jpgPanzer 35t (12).jpgPanzer 35t (13).jpg

Steps three and four cover the attachment of the running gear and track.

Panzer 35t (14).jpgPanzer 35t (15).jpgPanzer 35t (18).jpgPanzer 35t (17).jpgPanzer 35t (20).jpgPanzer 35t (19).jpg

This is pretty straight forward stuff. A bit of putty will be needed on the running gear. Tinker with alignment and then begin the tracks. The track goes on pretty quick with just a bit of care to insure alignment on the idlers and sprockets. Everything is nice and square once done.

Step 5 sees the addition of the upper hull, fenders and corresponding detail. I needed a bit of filler here and there, nothing major. I added the co-driver mg, drivers hatch and other detail to the front of the vehicle.

Panzer 35t (25).jpgPanzer 35t (26).jpg

I plan on adding a driver but not here in this step as the instructions suggest. You move on to attach detail to the sides and rear of the tank. In addition, I added a really nice stowage set from Black Dog that really make the vehicle stand out.

Panzer 35t (27).jpgPanzer 35t (28).jpgPanzer 35t (30).jpgPanzer 35t (24).jpgPanzer 35t (32).jpg

With the hull complete for now I moved to the turret. This encompasses two quick, easy steps to finish the build.

Panzer 35t (34).jpgPanzer 35t (35).jpgPanzer 35t (36).jpgPanzer 35t (37).jpgPanzer 35t (38).jpg

You will need a bit of putty around the commanders cupola. I then built up the commander figure along with the driver from earlier. The figures are good for plastic, even the faces are good but I tend to add the resin heads and did again in this case. With everything built I moved to the painting table.

 Panzer 35t (39).jpgPanzer 35t (40).jpgPanzer 35t (41).jpgPanzer 35t (43).jpgPanzer 35t (44).jpg

I use Vallejo acrylics at the beginning of my painting process. In this case a coat of black primer followed by a German Grey base coat was applied to the model. The details were fleshed out around the tank. Then a clear varnish went on followed by markings. I substituted some markings I had for the kit offerings. I will be saving the kit decals for another time. I switch to enamels and dry brush details to bring out depth and add variation to the monotone grey. I also work on the weathering of the lower hull using light applications of earth tone paints. All of this is followed by an application of Dullcote. Once dry, pastels are applied to add a bit of character to the 35t. The figures heads are primed and painted using enamel and oil paints. The uniforms are base painted in acrylic and detailed with enamel paint. This completed the project.

Panzer 35t (46).jpgPanzer 35t (47).jpgPanzer 35t (48).jpgPanzer 35t (49).jpgPanzer 35t (50).jpgPanzer 35t (45).jpgPanzer 35t (58).jpgPanzer 35t (63).jpgPanzer 35t (62).jpgPanzer 35t (59).jpgPanzer 35t (57).jpgPanzer 35t (56).jpgPanzer 35t (55).jpgPanzer 35t (54).jpg

I am very glad that Airfix has released this rebox. This is an excellent model. From fit to accuracy and ease of build this kit is a winner. I really enjoyed the build and finish and look forward to other reissues from Airfix.    


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders and a must for WW2 German armor fans.

Thanks goes out to Airfix for this review kit.

Reviewed by Henry Milton


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