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Airfix- Tiger I "Late"

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Henry Milton

Tiger I (late production)

Kit Number: A1364

Scale: 1/35

Manufacturer: AIRFIX

 Tiger 1 late 026_edited.jpg

The history the Tiger I, as well as its dominance as a subject in the modeling world, is well known and highly documented; Nuf said.

Airfix continues its recent release of reboxed Academy kits with this Tiger I (late). Having had the pleasure of conducting a build review on another of these releases I was happy to get this kit in the mail. When I cracked open the box, I was struck by the quality of the sprues. The parts look crisp. This kit traces its lineage back 25 years or so. It stands up well for its age.

Eleven sprues in tan plastic

Tiger I Late 005_edited.jpgTiger I Late 006_edited.jpgTiger I Late 007_edited.jpgTiger I Late 008_edited.jpgTiger I Late 009_edited.jpgTiger I Late 010_edited.jpgTiger I Late 011_edited.jpgTiger I Late 012_edited.jpgTiger I Late 013_edited.jpgTiger I Late 014_edited.jpg

, lower hull,

Tiger I Late 015_edited.jpgTiger I Late 016_edited.jpgTiger I Late 017_edited.jpg

rubber band tracks,

Tiger I Late 018_edited.jpgTiger I Late 019_edited.jpgTiger I Late 020_edited.jpg

a small PE fret, polycaps, string and decals are contained in individual plastic bags.

Tiger I Late 022_edited.jpgTiger I Late 024_edited.jpgTiger I Late 023_edited.jpgTiger I Late 025_edited.jpg

The instructions are presented on light weight, gloss paper stock. 16 steps are covered over 12 pages in a booklet format. 2 decal/camo options are presented in color on the last 2 pages.

Tiger I Late 001_edited.jpgTiger I Late 002_edited.jpgTiger I Late 003_edited.jpgTiger I Late 004_edited.jpg

I have reviewed the web history on this kit and there are some detail issues that have been documented. I would still add this kit to the stash/build list. Now each modeler will have a choice when they pick up this kit. Build as is, for an enjoyable, less intense and time heavy project, add some detail culled from the stash or get all the aftermarket goodies and go wild. This model is suited to either, any and all between. That, along with price, is the top selling point. This is a great base to explore and develop skills at a great price. Get one and enjoy.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders pending full build review.

Thanks goes out to AIRFIX for this review kit.

Reviewed by Henry Milton


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