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Pen & Sword- Images of War- Tank Wrecks of the Western Front 1940-1945

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Monday, January 13, 2020
Pen and Sword Books
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Michael Reeves

Pen & Sword- Images of War- Tank Wrecks of the Western Front 1940-1945



Author: Anthony Tucker-Jones

ISBN # 978-1-52-674154-7

Price: $22.95

7.5 x 9.5"

Paperback, 144 pages with 160 black & white illustrations

Modelers have tried to recreate innovative and interesting scenes for their armor models for a good long while now after being introduced to dioramas and vignettes from some of the masters such as Shep Paine, Lewis Pruneau, and Bob Letterman. It might explain the popularity of the Panzerwrecks series of well-made books that focus on exactly that-- wrecks of panzers in various settings and theaters from WWII. This particular volume from the Pen & Sword series Images of War gives us a look at tank wrecks from both sides on the Western Front in the same vein. Mentioned in the liner notes, this is a companion volume to the Tank Wrecks of the Eastern Front 1941-45.

 The book features American, British, French, and German tank wrecks over the course of the war and is a visually stunning peek at the rapid development of the designs and development of armor through the duration of the war. After a brief introduction, the chapters are broken down by tank type and each chapter features a thorough collection of b&w photos for each type. The chapters include:

  • Hotchkiss
  • Renault 35/40
  • French Heavies
  • Vickers Mk VI and Matilda
  • Churchill
  • Sherman 
  • Panzer I, II, and III
  • Panzer IV
  • Panther
  • Tiger I and II

Each of the chapters begins with a thorough description of each variant of the representative tank types and continues with photo albums of the tanks in various forms of distress. The French Heavies chapter includes the Char BI, BI bis, BI ter, D-2, S-35, and S-40. The Churchill and Sherman chapters also spend some space talking through the "funnies", that were special designs on the basic chassis that served particular purposes as the Allies sought to overcome the challenges thrown in their way as they progressed towards Germany. A few representative photos of the book's content follows...


To sum things up, this is a great resource for those who have grown to appreciate the Panzerwrecks series of books and those who are on the constant search for interesting ideas and settings for their finished pieces. I for one have garnered some great ideas for some of my kits in the stash. Pen & Sword has nailed another great informative volume in their Images of War series. I heartily recommend the book to any armor modeler or admirer of the progress of armored operations in WWII.


Thanks goes out to Pen & Sword and Casemate Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves


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