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Osprey- Panzer Rollen

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Thursday, January 9, 2020
Osprey Publishing
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Paul Roberts


Panzer Rollen

The Logistics of a Panzer Division from Primary Sources

ed.: Bob Carruthers

This small (6” x 9”) soft bound book is, essentially, a re-typeset copy a US  Army Military Intelligence Service  translation of two wartime German field manuals. The first, "The German Armored Division", deals with the logistics and employment of a full Wehrmacht armoured division in the field and the second, "Provisional Instructions for the Employment and Tactics of the Motorised Infantry Regiment and Battalion. 1 March 1941". As such this is not a modelling book, per se, but may be of interest to those modellers looking for a deeper understanding of how German armour was supposed to be employed in the field. There are very few illustrations and, other than the captions themselves, the text consists entirely of the translations of the two manuals mentioned above and an introduction.


The 32 photos included are all approximately 4" x 6" in size and most are general overview shots of various armoured vehicles in the field, with most of the photos focused on one vehicle. Still, photos are not the focus of this book, the technical information is, so it really doesn’t detract from the purpose of the book even if it makes it less useful from a modelling perspective.

Recommended only for those really interested in Wehrmacht armoured unit logistics and employment.

Many thanks to Osprey Publishing for providing the review copy.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts


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