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Tankograd - British Forces Germany

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Sunday, January 5, 2020
Tankograd Publishing
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Paul Roberts


British Forces Germany

Tankograd Publishing

Tanograd Special 9030

Daniel Nowak & Tim Mätzold


An unusual and timely addition to Tankograd Publishing’s continuing line of military vehicle monographs, this volume is a retrospective that looks at the British forces stationed in Germany since the disbandment of the BAOR and the end of the Cold War. All text and captions are in both German and English.


This book is broken up into a number of sections: a short introductory section outlining the structure of British forces in Germany post-1995, including orders of battle and where units were stationed throughout Germany and then a number of sections dedicated to various types of vehicles, either by function (wheeled, support, et.) or by specific vehicle (Spartan, FV432, Warrior, etc.). Each section has a number of clear colour photos relating to the topic and stretching out over the last 24 years from1995 until the last unit left Germany in 2019. The captions are quite informative and cover all of the last 24 years. This book provides a great reference for post-Cold War British kit, most of which is shown in the field on exercise over the years.



The book itself is in standard A4 size and uses glossy paper throughout. The card stock covers show good views of several variants, and, the images on the inside covers are not duplicated within the book.  


Highly Recommended for those interested in post-Cold War British equipment.

Many thanks to Tankograd Publishing for the review sample.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts 


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