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Tiger Werke - Brick Street w/ European Tram Rails

Kit Number:
TW - 48016
Friday, May 1, 2020
Tiger Werke
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$20.00 USD
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

Tiger Werke

Brick Street w/ European Tram Rails


Tiger Werke has been around for quite awhile, but it is now under new ownership. It was a pleasure to see them vending at the AMPS Atlanta show this past February, and to see some new items in their line up.

This product is a very simple one, consisting of a single resin casting wrapped in bubble wrap. 

What's in the Box?

Contents of the package are a well cushioned, single resin casting, and a "Hints and Tips" sheet. The sheet provides some safety advice on working with resin, as well as some general info on clean up of the casting and it's painting.


Above - contents


The resin casting is quite clean and well cast, no blobs or air bubbles to be seen. The bricks are well formed in random pattern of sizes and slightly differing elevations here and there, just enough to look very realistic. The curbs and streetcar tracks have a very good appearance as well. The entire casting is flat and has practically zero warping.


Above - detail image of the casting 


After washing the base, I primed it with Tamiya primer from a rattle can. I decided to brush paint the roadway using a mix of Vallejo surface primers; German Red Brown and German Dark Yellow. I used a bit of straight red brown to pick out single bricks here and there for variety.


Once I had the base colors of the bricks laid down, next painted the tram rails a mix of Tamiya red with healthy amount of Tamiya flat black added. I then applied a weak black acrylic wash over the entire base, including the curb / sidewalk areas. The black wash on top of the Tamiya primer gray provided a nice weather concrete look to those curbs and walkways.

The final touches at this point were to mask off the brickwork along the rails and apply some Mig steel pigments to the tops of the rails. If not depicting a scene with active trams, of course you wouldn't burnish the tops of the rails. As I'm unsure of exactly what sort of project I'll be using this base for, this is where I stopped with weathering and pigments. 


Above "finished" base 


Above - an ancient Tristar Brumbar placed on the base to show relative size.


This is a very useful base for a wide range of applications. It's generic, making it suitable for depicting anyplace that used streetcars in the 20th century. Fill that base with rubble and snow, and it's a balmy January in Stalingrad. There's just enough room up on the curb / sidewalk areas to put something like a street light with street sign attached, so that you could establish a location as desired. 

The quality of this casting is first rate, with no flaws of any sort. The brick and rail details on the casting is very cleanly done.

The value of this piece is very solid, especially given how versatile this base is. When you add ( or subtract rather... ) the AMPS member 20% discount graciously provided by Tiger Werke,  the value is even better!

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Tiger Werke for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region


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