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Tiger Werke- Cobblestone Street Type 1 w/sidewalk and sewer cover

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Sunday, May 17, 2020
Tiger Werke
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Michael Reeves

Tiger Werke- Cobblestone Street Type 1 w/sidewalk and sewer cover


Tiger Werke bases have been a staple for diorama creators for some time now, but has recently come under new ownership. While shows may not be occurring for a while, they have plenty of products, new and old, available from their website and prices are quite reasonable. Product categories on the website include figure bases, AFV bases, aircraft bases, fountains, monuments and shrines, among others. So let's get right to what's inside...


The base comes packaged in a flip top box and is wrapped well in bubble wrap with a sheet about the company and a "Hints and Tips" sheet. This sheet has information on safely working with resin, as well as cleaning and painting treatment advice. Dimensions of the base are 203mm x 254mm (8" x 10").


Base as it comes

The resin base is clean and well cast, and is flat with no warping at all present. The stones on the street, curb, and sidewalk vary in size and depth that gives great realism and ought to be easy to detail with dry brushing, washes, and pigments. The sewer cover has fine detail as well, right down to the indentations of the city and date markings. I plan to use my base to hold a dug-in Panther turret as well as some figures and detritus al around.


Primed base with Panther turret 

After a thorough washing, I primed the base with spray can Krylon Gray primer. Once done, I began to mix up some different paint colors and started picking out different stones...


After a tedious couple sessions, all the stones were painted and I then applied some AMMO Streaking Grime wash to the entire base to blend the colors in a bit better so there wasn't such a stark contrast. I then applied some pigments to certain areas for further weathering. I am still trying to decide on the final layout of the base, but am planning on an end of the war scene with a dug-in turret as was common in the streets of Berlin as things began to look dim for Germany with the Allies coming in from both sides. As you can see, the addition of a Miniart street lamp and clock on the sidewalk gives a bit more dynamics to the scene. 





The new owner at Tiger Werke, Phil Cavender (also a review crew member here at AMPS), is setting a good precedent with the products he is selling. Excellent casting and intricate detail on the base, including the manhole cover and sidewalk, make this a great start to any vignette or diorama you hope to execute.  The varying degree of placement of the stones, including some raised and some caved in, give much more realism as cobblestones really don't have a uniform appearance. I look forward to seeing what other pieces will be released and heartily recommend you give the website a thorough look. Prices are reasonable and the variety is great and will only get better.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Tiger Werke for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves, AMPS Albany


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