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Tiger Werke- Marsden Matting Artillery Base

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Saturday, May 9, 2020
Tiger Werke
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Frank Froment

Marsden Matting Artillery Base 


Tiger Werke is under new ownership. Phil Cavender purchased it in April of 2019.  They manufacture and distribute various 1/35 th scale resin bases, AFV wedgies, roadside shrines,  various street sections and numerous other items a modeler can use to enhance their displays.  Tiger Werke also provides AMPS member with a 20% discount, and they offer free shipping on orders over $100.  Go to the webpage for more details and a list of the products they offer. 

The Marsden Matting Artillery Base is just one of many bases Tiger Werke offers.  The Marsden matting was used extensively in the Pacific during WWII for aircraft, I am sure the Army and Marines got their hands on some of these and used them for artillery ground cover.  You can find numerous photos of the Marsden matting used in Vietnam with artillery. The base is very clean and free of any bubbles or flash.  I opened the box, sprayed a base coat, taped off the Marsden Matting, sprayed a ground color, removed the taped and painted the Marsden Matting.  The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry.  

This is what the Marsden Matting Artillery Base looks like out of the box.  As you can see it is clean and ready for primer.  


I used Vallejo Russian Green Primer for the base coat and sprayed it using Badger Krome airbrush.  I let it cure for 24 hours.


My next step was to tape the Marsden matting and spray a dirt color on the ground.  I used Vallejo Earth Green and sprayed it using the Badger Krome.



Next I weathered the Earth Green with various earth tone washes and let it dry for a few hours.  I removed the tape and painted the Marsden Matting with AMMO Polished Metal and AMMO Steel and let it dry over night. 


The next day I added some earth colors and the dry brushed it with the Steel and Polished Metal along with some Vallejo Oily Steel. 

Yes that is a German Artillery Piece, I will replace it in the future with an American 105mm when I get one.  



Here is some additional Items that came in the box. A small write up about Tiger Werke, Contact information and a Business card. 

unnamed (1).jpg

Of all the bases I have completed, this one was the easiest and most fun.  I highly recommend this base if you are building and displaying an artillery piece, or you can use your imagination and put something else on it. I also suggest you visit their website for other items that might interest you.  

Kudos to Tiger Werke for a great piece and for supporting AMPS!  Remember they offer AMPS members a 20% discount - another reason to join AMPS.


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Tiger Werke for this review kit.

Reviewed by Frank Froment, Nordland AMPS


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