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Pen & Sword- Wargames Terrain and Buildings- North Africa and the Middle East

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Thursday, June 4, 2020
Pen and Sword Books
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£12.00 ~$15.00
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Michael Reeves

Pen & Sword- Wargames Terrain and Buildings- North Africa and the Middle East


Book Specifics

Author: Tony Harwood

ISBN: 978-1526716439

Price: £12.00 ~$15.00

152 pages, Hundreds of photos illustrating the techniques

What's Inside

 Like a previous wargaming book I reviewed on painting miniature figures, this book also can easily be tied in to learning skills that can be useful for building North African and Middle Eastern desert scenes and dioramas. In this case, there are obviously parts that aren't relevant to what we typically build for AMPS contests and reviews. However, there is also plenty that is- and to best scope this out, here is the Table of Contents:


The brief introduction gives the reader an overview of the author's background and one can gain an idea of the focus that the book attempts to achieve. Following this is a brief section on the paints he uses and another on tools and materials. This section includes glues, brushes and paints, building materials including plastic card, foam, cardboard and wood, and modeling clay. The following sections of the book go into great exacting detail on all phases of each project- from complete construction to detailing, painting, and weathering. The end of each section concludes with a materials lists, as well as paint colors used.

Section One focuses on 28mm Mud Brick Houses with steps to build them at three different skill levels- the first being an ideal starter project for a beginner, the second an intermediate level house with more detail, and the final a super detailed model of Bir Acroma, the main feature building from one of any armor builder's favorite movies- the 1943 Humphrey Bogart film Sahara.

Section Two gives an overview of three different scale historical projects- a 15mm gunboat Melik, a 15mm Middle Eastern mosque, and a 28mm build of the railway station at El Alamein.


Sections Three and Four go into great depth of how to build and paint a traditional Sudanese hut, as well as four stand-alone models that can combine to create a larger oasis. I have included a few photos of the series of steps involved in this process.





The various parts of Section Four also address terrain features such as rocky ground, a Bedouin tent, a well, and palm trees...



An elaborate glossary concludes the book's contents. This is full of details of the materials and techniques the author uses in this book as well as his previous terrain building book.


While it is quite evident that the scales here don't necessarily match the common build scales seen in most armor models (with the exception of the small scale 1/72 scale models), one can easily scale up and still find useful techniques to recreate your own desert themed scenery and architecture. Soon your DAK or Desert Rat themed builds will look right at home in their natural setting. No matter your skill level, the information in the book will give you all you need to dive right in and give it a try!

Highly Recommended for anyone interested in building North Africa or Middle East based buildings and terrain.

Thanks goes out to Pen & Sword and Casemate Publishing for this review PDF sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves, AMPS Albany


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