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MJ-Miniatures- Weapon Sling set.1 for 1/35 WW2 U.S. Army

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Friday, July 17, 2020
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Chris Lloyd-Staples

Weapon Sling set #1 for 1/35 WW2 US Army


It is common to see models where the figures have no slings (straps) on their weapons, but generally it would be normal for every rifle or submachine gun to have a sling fitted.  Without such a strap, the soldier could not put the weapon over his shoulder and keep his hands free.  Carrying stuff or climbing would be impossible.  Making straps in 1/35 scale is not at all easy, because they are fiddly and the real items had buckles and fittings that are hard to represent.......until now.


MJ-Miniatures have released their first set of slings, specifically for the M1A1 Thompson, the M1 Garand and the M1918 BAR.  The set consists of three straps for each weapon type, 3D printed side-on to get maximum detail.  They are printed in a black material, and the detail on these items is simply staggering.  The parts of the sling where the straps are doubled over are made separate, and the thickness of the parts is totally in scale.  The surface detail includes the buckle holes and the webbing texture.  The various buckles are done in detail.  Apologies for the poor photo - trying to capture tiny details in a black surface is very difficult!



The straps appear to be much longer than the weapons because they are printed basically ‘straight’ and need to be gently heated and bent to hang down from the attachment points on the weapons.  A quick search through photos will locate the correct positions to attach the slings, using a tiny hole drilled into the weapon into which a pin on the end of the strap will locate.  The result is awesome!


Just a couple of days ago, needing slings for WW1 Austrian rifles, I was cutting thin strips of electrical tape, soaking it in spirit to get the glue off, then adding buckles made from fine wire.  Altogether, making four straps took me many hours and a world of stress.  The solution here, from MJ-Miniatures, would save a whole lot of trouble for anyone making US troops in WW2.  Hopefully, they will expand their range to cover other weapons and nationalities.  It seems to me that the quick result and outstanding result would be worth the small cost of these parts.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to MJ-Miniatures for this review kit.

Reviewed by Chris Lloyd-Staples, 2VP (International)


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