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AMMO by MIG Jimenez, Remover Sponge for Washes & Pigments ( Round / Teardrop )

Catalog Number:
8561 / 8562
Monday, August 17, 2020
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
Retail Price:
€1.50 / 1.25
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

AMMO by MIG Jimenez

Remover Sponge for Washes and Pigments

( round and teardrop sets )


This review covers two different products, done in a single review due to their similarity. The individual product specifics;

item # AMIG8561 Round Sponge, list price €1.25

item # AMIG8562 Teardrop Sponge, list price €1.50

These products are designed to remove excess washes and pigments from your models. The sponges are made of a soft material designed to remove or manipulate the washes or pigments without damaging fragile models. My highly trained technical staff members ( my wife and daughter ) both thought that these products had remarkable similarity to something called a "makeup sponge", with this product possibly being a bit softer. 

As I've only used soft round brushes dampened slightly with thinner, or a Q-tip to remove and / or manipulate washes or pigments on models, I'm curious to see how well these sponges will work.

Contents of the Packages


Above - contents of each package with quarter to show the size of the sponges. Note how thick the round sponge is compared to the Teardrop sponges.


Above - the round sponge is pre-sectioned, so in effect you get 8 wedge shaped sponges.


Above - the crash test dummy that I'll use for this review,  an ancient Eastern Express Soviet Field Kitchen ( a truly horrendous kit, to be honest ). This kit was painted with Vallejo Surface Primer Russian Green, postshaded with a lightened mix, and chipped / scratched with Vallejo German Camo Black / Brown. 


Above - as the wedge initially pulled from the round sponge looked a bit too thick to manipulate on the relatively compact surfaces of the field kitchen, I opted to cut the wedge in half. This was easily done with a sharp #11 Xacto blade. this sponge could actually provide 16 individual sponges. Nice!


Above - I gave the model a nice heavy coat of Vallejo acrylic brown wash. 


The Ammo website recommends a 15 minute drying time before taking the sponge to the model, adding that you can accelerate the wash's drying time by use of a hair dryer. I'm sure that dry time will vary according to how heavily you apply your wash, and it's ingredients. Being an eager beaver, I started playing with the sponge at about the ten minute mark, with some of the wash still not totally dried. With the sponge wedge cut in half, it was fairly easy to only work on the exact area that I wanted to. The sponge material is so soft and pliable that you'd really have to work hard to damage any model components.

The sponge removed damp areas of the wash quite easily, with completely dried areas requiring a bit of "scrubbing". Any tide marks left from the wash wouldn't come off until I'd dampened the sponge a bit with good old saliva. You'd need to experiment a bit with different washes or pigments to get a feel for when it's best to begin blotting or wiping with the sponge.


Above - the results of this quick experiment. I am pretty happy with how this sponge worked. As a bonus, I was able to clean the sponge up fairly well with a little warm water, so these sponges can be reused ( at least with acrylics they can...)


As with any new tool, paint or whatever, there will be a slight learning curve to navigate if you're unfamiliar with using this material. I had never used any kind of sponge when it came to washes or pigments, but I'm pleased with the results that I got with this product. They are inexpensive, and it appears to me that they will last awhile. Different wash products may be be harder on the sponges than others, experimentation will tell that tale. 

In this case, I'm glad to have been allowed to be the old dog learning a new trick..

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to AMMO by MIG Jimenez for the review samples

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland 

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region


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