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1/35 WWII German Type 1 & 2 Clamp set

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Thursday, September 10, 2020
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Chris Lloyd-Staples

German Type 1 & 2 Clamp set

by MJ Miniatures


I recently reviewed the first set of tool clamps by MJ Miniatures, and they were absolutely awesome.  I said they were the answer to my prayers, as I tend to want to replace tool clamps on my Panzers, and on my scratchbuilds.  What could possibly be better?


This latest set from MJ is EVEN MORE useful!


As can be seen above, the set contains a LOT of clamps!  In fact, there are 168 clamps in total, which for US readers would equate to 11 cents per clamp.


The clamps are 3D printed in black, and the quality of printing is just fantastic.  The little ridges that can be seen in ultra magnification are invisible in real life, and each clamp has the rivets and fittings just as in the original item.



As shown above, there are rows of 14 clamps.  The EARLY style (pre-1943) clamps are produced in 'large' (which would take an axe handle, for example) and 'small' (which would take a pry bar or spade handle), plus open versions of these two sizes of clamps.


These open clamps show the fixing prongs on this style, as well as the fixing rivets to attach the clamp to the vehicle.  One clamp was slightly damaged in my sample, but easily repaired.




And above we see the 'late' style of clamp, which appeared in 1943, I believe.  Once again, there are 28 small versions, 28 large versions, and 14 open examples of each type.


Once again, I need to stress that the ridges visible in my photos are NOT visible unless magnified.  On a model, these clamps look completely smooth.  Note that the small clamps are secured to the vehicle by two rivets, the large clamps have four rivets.  This is perfectly represented here........ on the closed clamps as well as the open ones!




Above and below: my camera flat refused to focus on the edges of the clamps, and I was trying to show how they are removed from the 'sprue'.  Basically, the clamps are up on little uprights, and a sharp blade will easily slice them off the backing.  I use an old-style razor blade for this purpose, as they are the sharpest and thinnest blade around.  The clamps are simple to remove, and I have used several already.  In some cases, sliding a handle into a closed clamp can be difficult, and I have made temporary cuts into one side of the clamps to get the handle into place, and then I glued the clamp back closed.


OK, so I don't have the vocabulary to say how good these are.  I love them.  In terms of useful products that I have purchased, these were worth every cent.  I can see me using these on many of my kits where moulded-on plastic clamps just don't do it.  I am desperate to do a wreck with all the tools stolen so that I can use the open clamps.  

Some items that I review will see me pointing out errors or problems.  I'm a brutal reviewer.  Not so here.  I simply cannot fault these.  

VERY Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to MJ Miniatures for this review kit.

Reviewed by Chris Lloyd-Staples, 2VP (International)


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