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Tamiya- Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135

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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Merrick "Mac" Johnston


Tamiya Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135

 Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135 002.jpg




In the box;

I just received this new Tamiya offering Friday. I’m excited about what this will build into. So here it goes.

The box art is typical Tamiya. It looks great as usual. Inside the kit is packaged in clear plastic bags containing the tan sprues. They look very crisp as expected. Also included are the instructions with a nice folded pamphlet of some background information. The decals are well protected in a small bag too.



The Sprues:


 Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135 008.jpg

This is one of the two A sprues. The tracks are pre-sagged and are link and length.

 Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135 009.jpg

The B sprue is mostly hull parts.

 Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135 010.jpg

 The C sprue is the engine top deck and the upper super structure pieces. The detail level is very clean and crisp.

 Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135 018.jpg

 The D sprue. Figures, suspension, and gun carriage parts are here. The gun barrel is molded in one piece leaving the muzzle half the only part to add to it. No seam!!!

 Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135 013.jpg

 Shown here are the decals and the four poly caps. Just the one number choice and a couple of the German crosses offered for the kit.

 Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135 015.jpg

 Jagdpanzer Marder I Sd.Kfz.135 016.jpg

 This is the front of the background information folder supplied by Tamiya in the kit. It is also written in a few different languages. It contains a decent history of the tank, a drawing showing the common parts, three painting schemes, and a very nice colored photo section.




The kit looks pretty simple compared to other more expensive ones on the market. There isn’t any interior in the kit, other than the fighting compartment. The suspension is connected together as one piece.

It appears that maybe Tamiya has simplified this build to possibly attract the beginner builder and keep costs down. The aftermarket folks might get involved with this kit and help upgrade it for the more adventurous modeler. Time will tell.

If that is the case it looks like a winner. First glance puts it as a highly recommended for me.


  Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Tamiya for this review kit.

Reviewed by Merrick "Mac" Johnston


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