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Acrylic Thinner

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Sunday, March 27, 2016
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Mark Glidden

Ammo-Mig Acrylic Thinner for Brush and Airbrush

An acrylic thinner has been released under the Ammo-Mig label. The Ammo-Mig website states that this thinner is a water based thinner specifically designed for use with Ammo acrylics, but compatible with other acrylic brands as well. It comes in a 60 ml bottle.

I only got the faintest, non-offensive odor when I put my nose right over the bottle opening. Oddly, their website states the thinner is non-toxic, but the bottle is labeled “harmful”.

The thinner worked as advertised when mixed and brushed with the Ammo-Mig acrylic paints. I then tried Tamiya, Vallejo and Lifecolor acrylic paints with the thinner and found it worked equally as well. Adding a couple of drops to the cup of an air brush seemed to thin the Ammo-Mig and Vallejo paints just enough to extend the time between needle clogs.

Highly Recommended

My sincere thanks to Ammo-Mig for the review sample.

Reviewed by Mark Glidden, SoCal AMPS

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