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Ammo-Mig Enamel Soil Products

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A.Mig-1700 through 1755
Sunday, April 24, 2016
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Mark Glidden

Ammo-Mig Enamel Soil Products

A series of earth/mud soil effects enamel products has been released by Ammo-Mig.


Splashes – Dry Earth A.MIG-1750

Splashes – Turned Dirt A.MIG-1753

Splashes – Dry Steppe A.MIG-1751

Splashes – Wet Ground A.MIG-1755

Splashes – Loose Ground A.MIG-1752

Splashes – Damp Earth A.MIG-1754

Mud – Thick Soil A.MIG-1701

Mud – Dry Light Soil A.MIG-1700

Mud – Wet Mud A.MIG-1705

Mud – Moist Ground A.MIG-1703

Mud – Heavy Earth A.MIG-1704

Mud – Turned Earth A.MIG-1702


The soils are divided into two categories - "Splashes" and "Muds". According to the bottle labels, that's how they are supposed to be used. However, except for the really thick muds, most of the products could be used interchangeably. Several of the soils were very close in color and texture. The texture and thickness of each effect varies based on its intended use and the soils can be mixed to create different earth/mud effects.All come in 35ml bottles.  

To test the products, the soils were applied to a piece of cardboard with an old, course paintbrush in a dabbing motion. Plenty of bottle shaking is needed to get the heavy pigment sediment into solution. When I was done, the brush cleaned-up nicely with enamel thinner. Enamel thinner can also be used to thin the products to create different effects, such as streaking.


Splashes - Dry Earth: This has a matte light tan color and a fine textured dry soil effect for medium density soil.

Splashes – Turned Dirt: This has a satin/matte finish in a grey-brown color in a medium texture for damp ground.

Splashes – Dry Steppe: A yellow-brown matte finish textured dry soil effect that can be used to create the accumulation of medium density dry summer soil.

Splashes – Wet Ground: This medium textured soil effect recreates surfaces with mud accumulations. Dark brown in color with a satin finish.

Splashes – Loose Ground: Medium brown color with a matte finish and fine texture.

Splashes – Damp Earth: Dark brown color with a medium texture and satin finish. Good for textured earth and mud.

Mud – Thick Soil: This is a dark tan, heavy texture dry soil effect can be used to create the accumulation of heavy summer soil. Has a matte finish.

Mud - Dry Light Soil: A light tan, medium texture dry soil effect for thick deposits of dry high density soil. Has a matte finish.

Mud – Wet Mud: This is a thick textured wet mud effect to create surfaces with heavy mud accumulations. Dark brown in color with a semi-gloss finish.

Mud – Moist Ground: Satin damp ground effect with a medium texture for creating damp or wet high density ground. Medium brown color.

Mud – Heavy Earth: Dark brown colored heavy textured effect for creating accumulations of  high density mud and earth. Satin/semi-gloss finish.

Mud – Turned Earth: Medium brown colored effect with a medium texture and satin finish. Useful for adding the final touches of mud.

The photos don't really do these products justice, as it's a bit hard to see the various textures in some of the photos. Drying time for the products varied, depending on how you applied the effect, but most dried after a couple of hours.

There are a dozen different ways to create earth and mud effects, but these Ammo-Mig products surely have to be one of the easiest ways to attain nice results.

Highly Recommended

My sincere thanks to Ammo-Mig for the review sample.

Reviewed by Mark Glidden, SoCal AMPS

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