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Ammo - Metal Acrylic Color

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A.Mig-192 through A.Mig-199
Sunday, May 15, 2016
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Mark Glidden

Ammo-Mig Metallic Acrylic Colors

A series of metallic acrylic colors has been released by Ammo-Mig:

Polished Metal – A.Mig-192

Titanium – A.Mig-193

Matt Aluminum – A.Mig-194

Silver – A.Mig-195

Warhead Metallic Blue – A.Mig-196

Brass – A.Mig-197

Gold – A.Mig-198

Copper – A.Mig-199

These paints are advertised for both airbrush and brush use and come in the now ubiquitous 17 ml dropper bottle. The paint has only a mild, non-offensive odor.

The bottle recommends using Ammo-Mig’s own acrylic thinner, A.Mig-2000. It also says to let the paint dry for one day. Heed this advice. I painted the landing gear oleos of an aircraft model with the silver color and made the mistake of touching it after a few hours. It was still quite wet.

These paints need some vigorous shaking to get them well-mixed. Each bottle contains a stainless steel ball to help agitate the paint. If the paint has been sitting for awhile, it may take a moment before you hear the ball rattling around inside the bottle.

To test the paints, I sprayed each color in a two inch square onto a white board. All the colors were sprayed through an Iwata airbrush with a .3mm nozzle. No thinner was needed and no tip drying was noted. These metallic colors have a lot of richness and depth to them. I did find only a subtle difference between the Brass and Gold colors. After spraying each color, I found the airbrush cleaned-up easily with Windex, lacquer thinner, or Ammo-Mig’s own Cleaner.

In the past, I’ve avoided spraying acrylic metallic colors, as I’ve always found them to be too grainy in their finish. Subsequently, Alclad became my go-to metallic paint. However, these colors have none of the graininess associated with other acrylic metallics.

These paints are a game changer for me and the way I look at acrylic metallic colors. They will definitely be in my paint arsenal in the future.

Highly Recommended

My sincere thanks to Ammo-Mig for the review sample.

Reviewed by Mark Glidden, SoCal AMPS

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