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Ammo - Smart Set: British Berlin Camouflage Colors 1988-1991

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MIG 7175
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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John Charvat

Ammo by MIG Jimenez Smart Set 16:

British Berlin Camouflage Colors 1988-1991

A.MIG  7150 

This acrylic paint set from Mig allows the modeler to replicate the British Berlin Brigade's unique urban camouflage that was applied to their vehicles starting in early 1980's and running through 1991, when the brigade inactivated, per Robert Griffin's book, Chieftain, Main Battle Tank, Development and Active Service from Prototype to Mk 11.  The camouflage scheme consisted of irregular sized squares and rectangular shapes of white, gray and olive drab or brown paint. The Brigade's tank squadron's Chieftain tanks had the scheme applied to the turret as well as the front and sides of the hull while the engine deck remained NATO Green. Finally, the tank's roadwheels were painted black.  

The paint set contains four 17ml plastic bottles with a stainless steel paint agitator in four colors:  Matte White A MIG-050,  Medium Brown A MIG-070,  NATO Green A MIG-084, and Gray Blue A MIG-210.  They are packed in a clear plastic container that presents a frontal and side views of a Chieftain Mk 10 in the Berlin scheme.

Testing the Paint

The Blue-gray, Medium Brown, and NATO Green paints were  sprayed on a test card of Evergreen .020 styrere sheet that had been gridded out and labeled for each color, then each square was cleaned with Windex to get rid of any oils or contaminated.  The Gray Blue was applied first using my Grex Tritium airbrush at 32 PSI/2.2 Bar.  

Then the Medium Brown was sprayed onto the test card

Finally, the NATO Green 

As the Matte White was going to be lost on the  test card, I decided to check it opacity by spraying it over the previously applied Gray Blue, Medium Brown and NATO Green patches.  

As a final test of the paints, I decided to apply the Gray Blue, Medium Brown and NATO Green to the test card via a paint brush.


All of four of the colors sprayed very well through my Grex airbrush.  The secret to the Mig paints, as I found out through a YouTube video by Iain Hamilton of Ammo by MIG USA is to dust the first color coat onto the subject then reapply to gradually build up the color.  all of the colors covered the bare white plastic with no problems and the Matt White was able to cover the darker NATO Green and Medium Brown colors with several passes.  Brush painting produced less than optimal results with the brushed paint producing "fisheyes" several seconds after being brushed on to the styrene surface.

The Verdict

Ammo by Mig's  British Berlin Camouflage Colors allows the modeler to apply the complex Berlin urban camouflage scheme used by the British Berlin Brigade's Chieftain Mk.10 tanks and other armored vehicles without the difficulties of researching and mixing the proper colors to apply.  The colors flowed well through my airbrush and went onto the test surface with a flat/matte finish.  The pigment in the Matte White was strong enough to cover the darker colors with several passes of the airbrush.  While at the AMPS International Convention, in Sumter SC, I was told by a knowledgeable and reliable source that the colors matched up very well with paint chips from a vehicle painted in the Berlin scheme.  In closing, this paint set will produce an authentic color camouflage for the unique urban camouflage found in the British Berlin  Brigade in the mid to late 1980's.  

Highly Recommended for those that want to tackle the complex Berlin scheme on a Takom Chieftain or AFV Club Scimitar 

Thanks to Ammo by Mig USA for the review sample as well as the Youtube video on how to properly apply the paint.

John Charvat

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