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Reality in Scale - Middle East Shop Front

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Monday, August 7, 2017
Reality In Scale
Retail Price:
25.37 Euro
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire


Reality in Scale has a very extensive line of scenery and diorama products, and some of these items have been reviewed previously by AMPS. This Netherlands-based company has always been very generous in regards to providing AMPS with review samples, and their display tables at the UK IPMS Nationals ( aka the Telford Show ) are a sight to behold for diorama builders in all scales.

There's an unusual twist on the company's name; Reality in Scale prides themselves on making diorama related products from the same materials as the real things where possible. Their wood items are wood, cloth items are fabric, and so on. This is an interesting concept, and from what I've seen of Reality in Scale's products, they do very well with it. 

I will start this review in an unusual manner, with an apology to Reality in Scale. First, this review is long overdue, and secondly, at some point between Telford and Shorewood, Illinois, a couple of small components of this kit went missing. The missing parts were included in the box originally. Not seen in this review ( but seen in the box art photo above ) are the small "credit card accepted here" placard to the right of the roll up door, and the small info placard for the air conditioner. My most humble apologies for this omission, but in light of getting this review posted at long last, I decided to press on with it.

What's in the Box?


Above we see the contents which are the subject of this review; the main building part, the base, and the sign decal. There are no instructions, but of course none are needed.

The base and building are are cast from a light gray resin, and are simply gorgeous castings. There are NO flaws. There are no pesky air bubbles to deal with, no resin overpour to remove. These parts are ready for immediate assembly.


Note the fine detail of the wall, with degraded stucco over rough concrete blocks is well depicted. The air conditioning unit comes mounted to the wall, and is a gem of a casting. The power lines with mounting brackets are cast right onto the wedge shaped building slice.

The base has a terrific representation of a cracked, beat up sidewalk cast into it, with chunks of it missing and turned to rubble. This part also includes the curb, and has a nice used and abused look to it as well.

Assembling the Kit

It took me longer to type "Assembling the Kit", than it did for me to assemble the kit. I used UMM-USA two part epoxy to fix the two parts of the kit together. Simple.


Above - the two castings mate up perfectly, no prep work needed!

The Finished Product

I primed the entire assembly with Tamiya Fine Primer from a rattlecan, and proceeded to more or less use the box art as a rough guide for painting this kit. You could probably paint this structure in quite a wide spectrum of colors, within reason....I stuck with Tamiya acrylics, and you see the results below. 

The rather large decal was well printed, with well defined arabic lettering ( I have NO idea what the sign says ) and colors, and went down easily onto the building front. Several applications of setting solution were needed to get the "painted" sign settled into the cracks, but it turned out looking very nice.

I applied a super-thin black wash to "pop" the details on the castings, and this wash really enhanced the cracks and other damage depicted on the walls and sidewalk /curbs. The final step was to apply a very thin overspray of Tamiya acrylic Buff, going a little heavier on the base of the building.






This simple little kit is most welcome for those wanting a great, easy to use Middle Eastern diorama piece. I believe this piece is "generic" enough to find a wide range of use throughout northern Africa and the Middle East, and would work across a fairly wide time span as well. This kit could easily be adapted for a lot of interesting uses.

The two main castings are simply gorgeous, without flaws of any sort and have exquisite detail all over them. The parts of this kit are ready for immediate use without messy cleanup. 

This kit is a very well thought out and executed product, and will enhance your Middle Eastern diorama considerably.

For further info on this and other products from Reality in Scale, visit 

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Reality in Scale for the review sample.

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland .   


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