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Ground base - light brown, by Reality In Scale

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Saturday, November 19, 2016
Reality In Scale
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Chris Lloyd-Staples

Ground Base - Light Brown


Reality In Scale

This is a small pot of varied 'woodland' material, including tiny twigs, leaf fragments, strands and general litter.  It represents the detritus found under trees in a woodland area, and is generic for any deciduous area.  Not really suitable for fields, or for conifer woodland.....

This pot is 'high value' resource, extremely valuable in terms of creating a realistic ground cover, but you don't get enough in the 2.5" pot to cover a large diorama.  I would suggest using it carefully to produce a really good top-coat over basic cheaper bulk scatter material. 

I masked off an old base, covered it in PVA and added coffee grounds and tea leaves to form the undercoat.  On top of this I added the review material from Reality In Scale.  Wow!  It looks great. 

This is very convincing.  I wish I had some woodland near me where I could find little twigs like this! 

I grabbed a model from my collection to pose on the base. to show the appearance and the relative size of the material.  It works very well with 1/35 models and larger.

In my opinion, this material would be wrong for Braille Scale, but for 1/35 it looks perfect.

This material is really great for creating a woodland floor, and with care it can be used for other settings, by adding pine needles, or by removing the twigs, to represent other types of landscape.  Super stuff!

The manufacturer has further clarified: the concept of our new range of scatters is that our Ground Base series (3 types: light-medium-brown) is intended to be used as a basis for your groundwork and our Ground Detail Series (10 types) could be used to further detail the groundwork. Of course both could be used on their own but combining them can deliver great results.

Highly Recommended

The review sample was kindly supplied by Reality In Scale

Reviewed by Chris Lloyd-Staples, 2VP (International)

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