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Paper Panzer Productions - 1/35 GT-103 Gas Turbine for Trumpeter E-50/75 (King Tiger)

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Saturday, December 31, 2016
Paper Panzer Productions
Retail Price:
18 Euros
Reviewed By:
Frank Froment

GT-103 Gas Turbine for Trumpeter E-50/75 (King Tiger)

Paper Panzer Productions

1/35 Scale

Kit # PPP35017

Suggested Retail 18 Euros

This is Paper Panzer Productions interpretation of the GT-103 power unit.

There is a bit flash from the molds, but they clean up pretty easy. I have used other Paper Panzer Productions products and they look nice on the kits. The PE set is very nice and sturdy.

For pictures and help use the Paper Panzer Productions website for building the Gas turbine.

This kit includes the following:

§ 2 photo-etch grilles for the dual turbine exhausts

§ 2 back plates. One for the Trumpeter E-50 or E-75 kits and the other is for the Dragon King Tiger.

§ Turbine Intake

§ 4 Hatch Handles

§ 2 Hatch Locks

Right out of the Package


Before Primer

Primed and ready


The covers, handles and locks come with the mold block attached so you will need to cut them off. Be careful with the handles and locks because they are delicate. However, they do clean up nice and add some nice detail to your paper panzer.

If you are building an E75 I would recommend you try this set along with the other sets that Paper Panzer Productions provides.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Paper Panzer Productions for the review kit

Reviewed by Frank Froment

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