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Tamiya – Mark Fit Decal Solutions

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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James Wechsler

Mark Fit and Mark Fit Strong Decal Solutions



Tamiya has released two decal setting solutions under the name ‘Mark Fit’.  One is regular strength and one is strong.

I tried both solutions using Tamiya decals on both flat and gloss surfaces of both smooth and rough texture.






In the photos above, you can see the application on a smooth surface which has been made glossy using Tamiya Clear Coat.  Both solutions worked well and I was able to get the decal to lay flat and conform into the panel lines a bit.  I then scored along the panel lines and reapplied the solution.  This got the decals to set in better and the results are comparable to what I’ve experienced using other brands’ setting solution. 

One thing worth noting is that I really didn’t see a notable performance change between the regular strength and strong solutions.  However, Tamiya decals usually don’t react strongly to setting solutions.  Other brands, such as Cartograph, can have pretty negative reactions to stronger brands like Solvaset so it’s worth considering which one to use based on the decal brand.  I’d recommend trying the regular strength first.




The next test was over a flat surface with significant surface irregularities.  In the first photo, the decal on the top is set with the regular strength and the lower one with the strong solution.  In both cases I laid down the solution first and then placed the decal followed by more solution.

They both laid down OK but there was notable ‘frosting’.  I then scored the decals and reapplied the solutions.  This helps a lot but it is still not perfect.  By comparison, I’ve only run into one solution that can effectively set a decal over this type of surface.

The last test was to lay a decal over a very irregular surface, in this case the rear vents.  This is a severe test that almost no solution can pass routinely.  I used Mark Fit Strong and it didn’t lay the decal down.  I then scored the decal along the vent lines and it laid down better.  But still it is only an OK result.  Again, I must emphasis, that I’ve only encountered one solution that even comes close to passing this test.


So overall these solutions work well on glossy surfaces and do not seem to adversely impact the decal itself.

Highly Recommended for the applications noted.

Thanks goes out to Tamiya for this review kit.

Reviewed by James Wechsler


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