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Tamiya – Paint Retarder (Acrylic)

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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James Wechsler

Paint Retarder (Acrylic)



Tamiya has released a paint retarder for acrylics, obviously for use with their highly popular brand of acrylic paints.  The purpose of this product is to increase to drying time of the paint. 

While it can be used for any application, I believe that airbrushing may be where it’s most intended.  Acrylics in general tend to dry fast and can often cause clogging in the tip of an airbrush requiring a modeler to stop on clean it.  Using the retarder will help this but of course the paint won’t be dry as soon so there’s a trade off.  Another benefit of a retarder is to help smooth out the paint, leading to glossier finish.  This may not be what is required for an a flat surface armor model but it can be very useful in getting a good base paint that can help decals set better.

The instructions indicate that the paint can be thinned up to 10% using this product.  A key aspect of using a product like this is to test it for your application.  Drying time will be affected by outside air temperature and humidity.  It will also be affected by the type of airbrush you use and the pressure you spray at.


If you need a paint retarder, it’s always a good idea to use one specifically for the brand of paint your using.  So this is a great product if you use Tamiya paints.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Tamiya for this review kit.

Reviewed by James Wechsler


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