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Vietnam War US & Allied Combat Equipments

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Monday, August 14, 2017
Osprey Publishing
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$19.00 USD
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Mike Petty

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This Osprey Elite Series book focuses on combat equipment worn by soldiers of the US and Allied nations during the Vietnam War. Except for ANZAC soldiers, almost every allied combatant used US individual combat equipment to outfit their soldiers. This combat equipment included things like ammo belts, canteens, holsters and ammunition pouches, entrenching tools, carrying straps, combat vests and back packs. This book follows the evolution of individual combat equipment used in Viet Nam as lessons learned from field experience were applied to update the equipment worn and carried.

About This Book:


Pages: 64 including index

Format: Osprey standard

48 black and white and color photos and 8 color plates

Table of Contents:




M1956 Individual Load-Carrying Equipment

M1967 Modernized Load-Carrying Equipment

Marine Corps Equipment

Additional American Equipment Items

ANZAC Web Equipment

ARVN, Free World Forces & Indigenous Equipment

Load-out:  What Soldiers Actually Carried

Selected Bibliography



The first two chapters of this book discuss the development of individual equipment from World War II through the Korean War to Viet Nam and the various systems and materials used to catalog, mark and construct this equipment. The next three chapters cover the M1956, M1967 and Marine Corps versions of individual combat equipment. In general each chapter covers the equipment belts (web belts) suspenders, ammunition pouches, compass and first aid pouches, canteen and entrenching tool covers and field packs. The next chapter covers weapons related equipment and cases, holsters and field equipment (i.e., canteens, entrenching tools, machetes, bayonets, protective masks, rucksacks, and ponchos and shelter halves). Each of these equipment chapters describes equipment color, materials, construction and marking and stock numbers. The next chapter covers web equipment worn by ANZAC soldiers. It follows a similar format to the US equipment chapters. The next chapter covers the hodge-podge of individual equipment used by ARVN and indigenous forces. The final chapter describes the load infantry soldier carried while out in the bush. It reminded me of how burdened Army and Marine Corps "gruntsĀ" were as they humped the boonies. 

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M1956 Individual Load-Carrying Equipment

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M1967 Modernized Load-Carrying Equipment

 VWE 4.jpg

Marine Corps Equipment

                          VWE 5.jpg      VWE 6.jpg

Additional American Equipment

VWE 7.jpg 

ANZAC Web Equipment

VWE 9.jpg 

ARVN and Indigenous Equipment


This book does a great job of providing the details of individual combat equipment used during the Viet Nam War. Its primary focus is on individual combat equipment and not weapons although they are discussed in the context of the individual equipment used to support them. The color pictures and plates should be very helpful to the modeler in determining styles and colors for individual combat equipment used during the Viet Nam War

Highly Recommended for modelers with an interest in the Viet Nam War.

Thanks goes out to Osprey Publishing for providing this review book.

Reviewed by Mike Petty

AMPS 2nd VP, South Region

AMPS Chief Judge

AMPS Central Virginia


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