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Russian Tanks of World War II

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Casemate Publishing
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Brett Avants

Russian Tanks of World War II

by Stephen Hart



Russian Tanks of World War II by Stephen Hart is a 128 page, hardback book dedicated to a brief overview of the development of Soviet armor throughout World War II. It is a fairly thin hardback with very nice glossy heavy pages, excellent color printing, and a good quality feel.  

This book bills itself as a technical guide, but is really a nice introduction to the myriad of tracked armored vehicles used by the Soviets.  It is organized chronologically by type, beginning with Light Tanks. Many of the variations are covered. What's really nice about this book is the number of color plates that illustrate the different vehicles. These plates are worth the price of the book alone.  

The last 30 pages cover tank data and other details, such as information on guns and armament, causes of T-34 losses, an analysis of the ranges for typical tank engagements, statistics on Soviet tank production and tank strength, and lend-lease information.  


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This book provides a great introduction to the numerous models and variants of Soviet tanks, and illustrates the different models, often with various camouflage and winter schemes.  The technical data is nice, as is the brief discussion of the uses and history of each vehicle.  Overall, this is a great basic reference for anyone's library.  

Recommended for all modelers, especially those interested in Russian armor.  

Thanks goes out to Casemate for this review kit.

Reviewed by Brett Avants


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