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Panzergrenadiers to the Front!: The Combat History of Panzergrenadier Division 'Brandenburg' on the

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Helion and Company
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Brett Avants

Panzergrenadiers to the Front!

The Combat History of Panzergrenadier Division 'Brandenburg' on the Eastern Front 1944-45

by Stephan Hamilton



This is a 451 page hardback book on the combat history of the Panzergrenadier Division Brandenburg on the Eastern front from 1944 through the end of the war. There are only a handful of photos in the book, and those mostly in a section at the end of the book. It's all text. This is a heavy duty history book, with a nice hard cover, nice binding, and high quality glossy heavy paper pages.  

The first 70 pages consist of the history of the unit, its integration into Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland, and Brandenburg's formation as a division. Starting on Page 70, the book discusses the formation of the division in December 1944 - January 1945. After that, there is a detailed breakdown of the unit's actions pretty much week by week. Sometimes the chapters are broken down with a history of the unit on a day-by-day basis. This is the meat of the book, from page 70 through page 362. The last 100 pages describe various commanders, various Knights Cross winners, and detailed order of battles during various times in the 6 month time frame of the book. This is no light reading, but a dense history, with both narration and first person accounts.  

This title also comes with a separate softcover 120 page map book. The maps accompany the flow of the main text and are in chronological order. However, while some of the maps are newly drawn, the majority of the maps look like reproductions of actual German situation maps. While these may be of historical value, they are in my opinion of little value in helping the reader clearly understand the battlefield situation. See the page excerpts below:

 Maps 1.jpg


Maps 2.jpg


However, if one is looking for a unit history of the Brandenburg Panzergrenadier Division at the end of the war, then look no further. This book goes into deep detail, and is sure to satisfy the most diligent of historians.  

Recommended as a history for battlefield reference, historical context and general knowledge of the war.

Thanks goes out to Casemate for this review book.

Reviewed by Brett Avants


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