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Dragon - M752 Tactical Ballistic Missile Launcher

Kit Number:
Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Dragon Models Limited (DML)
Retail Price:
$82.95 USD
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire



This kit from Dragon is a new tool Smart Kit, consisting of 420+ parts molded in the familiar gray Dragon styrene. To my knowledge, this is the first representation of this vehicle done in 1/35 scale styrene ( or any other medium, for that matter ). Addendum: I've since been informed that Perfect Scale Modellbau produces a resin example of the M572.

Some History of this Vehicle

This kit combines the MGM-52 Lance missile with it's M752 Self-Propelled launch vehicle.

The Lance missiles were in service with US Army Field Artillery units from 1972-1992, making it a bonafide Cold Warrior. This missile had a range of approximately 40 - 70 miles, depending on it's warhead. This missile was nuclear capable, and also could deliver a wide range of conventional ordnance, including cluster munitions and bunker busting warheads.. Lance missiles saw service with Israel, as well as several Nato countries, including the UK, Italy, Germany,The Netherlands, and Belgium.

A mobile transport / launch vehicle for these missiles was deemed necessary, so the prolific m113 APC chassis was modified for this use. A pair of these vehicles armed with the Lance missiles constituted a battery in US Army service.

What's in the Box?

9 sprues of styrene parts

1 sprue of clear parts

2 sprues of rubber-like ( DS? ) track pads

1 small fret of photoetch

1 100mm length of wire

1 decal sheet printed by Cartograf of Italy

1 styrene lower hull tub 

1 single sheet, multi-fold standard Dragon instruction sheet

Parts quality appears to be of the normal quite acceptable Dragon standard. Sprue attachment points appear to be of a reasonable size and location, there does not appear to be much if any flash on the parts, and the detail appears to be quite crisp and sharp on all parts.

The kit decals are printed by the Italian firm Cartograf, and are crisp and sharp.

The photoetch fret is small, but is well made with nice fold lines as needed, and tiny fret attachment points.

The instruction sheet drawings are rather busy in spots, but with care, they shouldn't pose any difficulty.

Kit Parts Photographs


Sprue "A"


Sprue "B"


Sprue "D"(2)


Sprue "E" (2) Link and length tracks, Bottom side view


Sprue "E", top ( guide horn side ) view


Sprue "F" (2) Dragon Styrene track pads


Part "Z" lower hull tub


Topside view of lower hull tub. Note suspension arms molded in place!


Sprue "G" Driver's cab clear parts


Sprue "H"


Sprue "I"


Sprue "J" Only 3 parts used from this sprue, note the 3 machine guns for spares box


Photoetch and wire


Decal sheet


Standard Dragon instructions


18 steps complete this build

There are three options for painting and markings for this vehicle, all of them for unidentified units circa 1972!


This kit looks like it should be a straightforward build, and it should result in a fairly interesting model depicting one of the classic Cold War "attack deterrent" vehicles. Batteries of these vehicles potentially armed with tactical nukes scattered around West Germany surely made Red Army war planners blood run cold.

I can't wait to get to work on this kit.  


Highly Recommended ( pending Full Build review ).

Thanks goes out to Dragon USA for this review kit.

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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