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Lunch Time-German Field Kitchen Scenery with Soldiers

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RV 35045
Monday, October 2, 2017
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James Spellmire

Lunch Time - German Field Kitchen Scenery with Soldiers



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The Build - Grosse Fieldkuche (Large Field Kitchen)

The instructions lay out the build of the Field Kitchen in eight (8) illustrated steps.

Step one (1) builds the basic box structure, and from then on additional details and items are added in a somewhat logical sequence.. The fit was very good, and the cooking compartments all squared up without much difficulty. 



Options to consider when building is to have the fire box doors open or closed as well as the main lid.  If you plan on using the figures (if not, then why buy this kit?) the lid should be in an open position.


The wheels are added in the last step of construction; but I left them off for ease of painting.  Once the kitchen and wheels were fully painted and weathered, I added them on, including the axle caps with the photo-etch step.


The figures fit well together without the need for much putty in any of the seams. However, one of the officers eating has his hand resting on the top of the field kitchen. To ensure a proper fit, I did not attach the arm until kitchen was ready to mount on a base.


Unfortunately, I added his eating arm which eventually was too low. This resulted in my placing him in a different location than suggested.

One problem encountered was mounting the chef to the step. Part B4 is not a flat step, but has two raised edges on the sides.  The step on the small field kitchens were one flat piece.  

Afrika corp field  kitchen with kettenrad.jpg

The one photo I have of a large kitchen where I can see the step verifies that Riich has the part correctly molded with these ridges. The problem is that the feet of the chef do not fit between these ridges if he is standing on it.  If he is going to stirring the pot, or serving out of it, he needs to be on the step.  I filed down the sides of his feet to fit, however this limited his positioning in relation to the other soldier getting a tin of goulash. In hindsight, I should have filed down the two ridges allowing me more flexibility in positioning the chef.  I doubt anyone would know the difference. 


There is an abundance of additional equipment, all  of which assemble well and have great detail. I ended up not using the lantern, stirring paddle or a few meal containers. More additions to the parts stash.

The animals provided are also well designed and assembled with ease. The horse is extremely well detailed.


However, only one horse is provided. Most photographic evidence show that at least two horses were used to pull this equipment.  


Also, the horse has no harness or equipment. Unless you build a corral, or some other form of tether to keep it from galloping away, it seems me to have a loose horse grazing nearby. I did not use the horse in my final vignette.

The chicken is fine, and the cat adds a bit of humor and animation. When attaching the cat to the base (a resin 1/48 scale brick wall painted to look like a cobblestone/brick road), I have him tipping the canister rather than looking down into it fully upright.

P1160296 - Copy.JPG

 With a few tweaks here and there, the vignette came together sans horse.


However, the plates and ladle are empty. I added some goulash for all and added two scratch carved bread slices on the plates.   


 I also added a second cat from my animal stash to complete the scene.




This is a great kit providing a complete vignette/diorama in the box. I only wish that a second horse and scale bits of food were included.   

Highly Recommended for Moderate to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Dragon USA for this review kit.

Reviewed by James Spellmire


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