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Classic Military Vehicle Issue 195

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Thursday, October 19, 2017
Key Publishing
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Paul Roberts

Classic Military Vehicle 

No. 195 August, 2017


 90 pp + covers


This British magazine is printed in full colour on glossy stock in A4 size and is for full-sized vehicle enthusiasts. It is the companion to Military Machines International, but as its name suggests, it focuses on older MVs. This month there are nine feature articles plus several regular columns.


The first article of this issue is a photo feature on a gathering of British Airborne vets near Pegasus Bridge.


 Next is an article on the recovery of a long-buried Covenanter tank from a British farm. The tank is one of two, the other having been recovered in the 70s and not, restored, sits in the Tank Museum.


Up third is a feature on the restoration of a wartime Bedford QL truck and its visit to Normandy with a vet who landed at Juno.


The next article will be good for those with the newish Morris C8 Quad kit as it highlights the restoration of a C8 Quad in Ireland.


Next is an article on the WWI Renault EG artillery tractor with nice photos of them in action plus a few of a restored vehicle.


The sixth piece is all about an expedition of Jeeps that, in 1971, took them up to the top of The Cheviot, an extinct volcano on the borders between England and Scotland. Six restored jeeps climbing the peat clogged sides of an impressively steep mountain.


Next up is a feature on a restored Centaur Dozer, once found in a scrap yard in the UK and now restored and on the vehicle event circuit.


The eighth piece is Part 2 of an article on British Dispatch Riders and focuses on the home front. A couple lovely photos of wartime British bikes.


Last up is an article on the Museum of Russian Military History, in the western suburbs of Moscow. The article has numerous photos of the exhibits, mostly, but not exclusively Russian/Soviet kit.


The regular columns include:

  • A news section with current MV and event news including Tank Times, a gazette of the Tank Museum, Bovington, and a Letters to the Editor section.
  • A listing of upcoming MV shows and events.
  • A section of reviews of local events, generally with several photos from each event.
  • A selection of relevant book reviews.
  • “Museum of the Month”, the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester.
  • Parting photos of a Jeep CJ-3B in the Belgian Congo during the riots of 1959. 


Aimed at the vehicle collector, this really isn't a modelling magazine and most of the photos of the current vehicles are not taken with an eye to the modeller. However, the period photo essays are quite valuable and are probably worth the reasonable price to those who lean a bit more towards the historical aspect of modelling. Like its brother publication, there really could stand to be fewer articles in each issue with deeper coverage and more photos, but that's more a statement of the magazine's overall editorial direction as opposed to anything with this one issue.

Highly Recommended for those with an interest in military vehicles.

Thanks goes out to Key Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts - AMPS FF Worthington, Toronto, ON, Canada


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