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Classic Military Vehicle Issue 196

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Thursday, October 19, 2017
Key Publishing
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Paul Roberts

Classic Military Vehicle 

No. 196, September, 2017


82 pp + covers


 This British magazine is printed in full colour on glossy stock in A4 size and is for full-sized vehicle enthusiasts. It is the companion to Military Machines International, but as its name suggests, it focuses on older MVs. This month there are seven feature articles plus several regular columns.


First up this month is a photo feature on the return of the War and Peace military vehicle show to the Whitbread Hop Farm in Kent, England. Having been once, I can only say that if you like military vehicles of any type, you simply have to get to this show at least once in your lifetime.


Next is an article on a restored WC54 Ambulance with some nice detail shots.


Up third is a feature on what is claimed to be the only privately owned and operating Challenger 1 MBT.


The next article documents a visit to MV restoration experts West End garage in Somerset, England, and has a number of shots of projects underway in the shop at the time.


Fifth is an article on the WWII Hungarian Csaba armoured car that includes quite a number of, unfortunately mostly small, wartime photos of the vehicle including a couple of interior shots.


The sixth piece is about the vehicles built by the Wolseley Tool and Motor Car Company during WW I and includes a number of photos of different Wolseley vehicles.


Last is a feature on a restored British Enfield WD/CO 350cc motorcycle with some nice photos of the restored bike.


The regular columns include:

  • A news section with current MV and event news including Tank Times, a gazette of the Tank Museum, Bovington, and a Letters to the Editor section.
  • A listing of upcoming MV shows and events.
  • A section of reviews of local events, generally with several photos from each event.
  • A selection of relevant book reviews.“Museum of the Month”, the Muckleburgh Collection in Norfolk.
  • Parting photo of a Universal Carrier, Mk I, in well delineated Caunter Scheme, with a Sikh battalion in Eritrea, 1941.


Aimed at the vehicle collector, this really isn't a modelling magazine and most of the photos of the current vehicles are not taken with an eye to the modeller. However, the period photo essays are quite valuable and are probably worth the reasonable price to those who lean a bit more towards the historical aspect of modelling. Like its brother publication, there really could stand to be fewer articles in each issue with deeper coverage and more photos, but that's more a statement of the magazine's overall editorial direction as opposed to anything with this one issue.

Highly Recommended for fans of military vehicles.

Thanks goes out to Key Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts - AMPS FF Worthington, Toronto, ON, Canada


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