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Militar Fahrzeug

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Tankograd Publishing
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Paul Roberts


Militär Fahrzeug 2017/4

Tankograd Publishing

56 pages plus covers


MilitarFahrzeug magazine is a high quality, German-language, military vehicle quarterly published by Tankograd Publications. Earlier issues used to include a summary in English, but that feature has since ceased for economic reasons, so each issue is in German only.

This month the magazine has a total of 16 articles on a variety of subjects. As is usual with this magazine, the photos really are quite good and may be worth the purchase price if the topics interest the reader even if they cannot read German.

 My apologies for the scanner lines on a couple of page scans, they do not appear on the actual magazine pages.



The first article is a photo essay on the GTK Boxer A2 with a number of really nice exterior and interior photos that detail several aspects of the vehicle.


 Second is an article on the British Tank Museum’s Tankfest show with photos of vehicles ranging from WWI St. Chamond to a current Challenger 2 MBT.


Next up is a really interesting article on Stug IIIs in Finnish service in WW 2. There are a number of period photos including several of Stugs with concrete armour plus shots of a Finnish Stug being restored.


 Fourth is a one-page article on the Royal Signals Museum with a few photos of vehicles in the collection.


Similarly, the next feature is a short piece on the Puma APC with a couple of interior and exterior photos. I get the feeling this more an update on the progress of development.


The sixth article recounts the service of the US 8th Infantry “Pathfinder” Division in Germany during the 70s. There are a lot of photos of vehicles in the MASSTER camo scheme plus org. charts for several armoured and infantry units in the division at the time.


Next up is a short article on service of the Jackal 2A patrol vehicle with the British Light Dragoons of the 4th UK Inf Brigade. Some nice photos of this unusual vehicle.


Eighth is an article on the application of the Barracuda camouflage system to the Stryker.


The next article is on Spanish Leopard 2Es with photos of the Leo 2s and the Pizzaro APC.


The tenth article relates to the early period in the formation of the Bundeswehr with some period photos of the equipment of the time. Most interesting is the use of what we now call VISMOD vehicles to simulate the T-55s of the period.


Next is a two-page article on the Slovenian M-84 MBT of Yugoslavian ancestry.


After that is a short article on the JCB 541-70 telescopic fork lift truck in service with the British Army.


Another 1-page article is on the Schwäbishes Baueren- und Technik-Museum in Germany and its interesting, if rather cramped, collection.


Last is a short photo article on the Armourgeddon museum in Leicestershire and it’s collection of, apparently, mostly FV432s. 

The modern photos are clear and in colour while the period photos are also generally clear, which can be hard to manage for these old combat and personal photos. The magazine is in standard A4 size and uses glossy paper throughout.


Recommended for the photographic coverage & quality but with reservations for the lack of an English summary.

Highly Recommended if you read German.

Thanks goes out to Tankograd Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts - AMPS FF Worthington, Toronto, ON, Canada


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