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Abrams Squad No 22

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No 22
Thursday, November 23, 2017
PLA Editions
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10 Euro
Reviewed By:
Danny Egan

The Abrams Squad, Issue n. 22



The Abrams squad is a magazine oriented solely to modern AFV subjects. It has some of the finest work in print every issue, and also has some really interesting editorials. This issue kicks off with some thoughts from the editor on the M113 series of vehicles. With a really top-notch new M113 kit from AFV Club (reviewed here by AMPS master Jim Wechsler) the editor wonders if we'll see an "M113 revival" at shows. It could happen; I recall the mid-1990s when every model show featured an awful lot of Tamiya's then-new Panther G. 

The cover of this issue has a terrific Syrian T-72 by Pere Pla.

The Commander's Display Unit is a feature with short takes on new products and is always interesting. The length of the feature is just right, in my opinion. 


We get a nice step-by-step review of the AFV Club M113 ACAV. 





There's an M113 TUA (TOW Under Armor) in Canadian Army service that has some astonishing paint work. This is accompanied by some nice research material on the real thing. The photo below is the model, not the real vehicle, in case you are having trouble. I had to look twice. 







The Syrian T-72B cover model by Pere Pla is next, with a very thorough built-and-paint step-by-step treatment. 







The Type 83 ARV is next. Interesting traditional conversion here using largely scratchbuilt parts. This is something we see ;ess and less of these days because there is such an amazing array of kits available. 




"To the last man" is an intricate diorama featuring a scratchbuilt building along with a BMP-2 and figures. It's a traditional "in acton" diorama but very, very well done. 







Lastly, we have a photo feature showing some of the exhibits at the South African armor museum in Johannesburg. 




The Abrams Squad is a standout magazine both in terms of its art direction and the models. This magazine consistently brings us outstanding models that are different from the 'usual'  fashion of the day. In this issue, the M113 TUA really stood out for me as something different. 


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders; Must Have for modern AFV modelers.

Thanks goes out to PLA Editions for this review sample.

Reviewed by Danny Egan


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