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MTVR Tactical Truck of the US Marines

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Thursday, December 14, 2017
Tankograd Publishing
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$24.00 USD
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Brian Messier

MTVR- Tactical Truck of the US Marines


After the 1991 Gulf War, the United States Marine Corps began looking for a replacement vehicle for the well worn M 809 and 939 series of 5 ton trucks. For the Marines, this requirement meant replacing some 7,500 vehicles of different designation on the previously mentioned chassis. The US Army had placed a requirement for similar vehicles with improved off road capabilities, more robust payload capacity, as well as the ability to be air-transportable. Originally planned to upgrade existing vehicles to "as new" condition, the Joint Medium Tactical Truck Remanufacturing Program began in 1995. The two services each maintained their own requirements, and had the two major bidders, Oshkosh Truck Corporation and AM General, build 5 prototype vehicles using components of the 939 series. The program quickly discovered that for the cost, a new build modern vehicle would be as cost effective and lasting as trying to upgrade and modernize the 939s. Oshkosh Truck began developing the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement, with a payload capacity of 7 tons. 


Tankograd publishing is well known for their informative reference books, and this offering is no exception. The softcover books is illustrated with 138 color photographs and 7 graphic line drawings. The book starts with 12 pages of detailed information chronicaling the design, development, and procurement of this model of cargo vehicle chassis for the Marine Corps. The test is interesting in that in true Tankograd fashion, they are printed in both German and English. The German text is on the left half of each page, and the English translation occupies the right side 


Whereas this is primarily a photographic book, the pages from 13-64 have two or three color pictures of different variants of the MTVR. Each photograph is primarily in good color and depicts full length views of the MTVR. Along with each picture is a description of the vehicle model, location, and operations being conducted. These too are in German and English, so take a second to read the top half or bottom half of each caption accordingly. 



Tankograd presents several different variations of the vehicle including the prototypes, Mk 23 and Mk 25 Cargo Trucks,  Mk 27 and 28 Extended bed, the Mk 28c (fuel tanker), Mk 29 and 30 Dump Trucks, MK 31 Tractor, Mk 36 Wrecker, the MK 37 Cargo Resupply vehicle for HIMARS, and various export models. Each variant is well represented with photographs and depictions of the in-service nature of work each does. 




Without spoiling the enjoyment for the readers, I have taken just a few more images of what to expect to see on the pages of this excellent addition to anyone's reference library. If the modeller has Trumpeters  1/35 Mk 23 MTVR in the stash, the is an absolute must have! 



Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Tankograd Publishing for this review book.

Reviewed by Brian Messier


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