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Nuts & Bolts Volume 39 Sd. Kfz. 6 5 ton Zugkraftwagen Bussing-NAG and Variants

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Tankograd Publishing
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Charles Willis



Sd. Kfz. 6 - 5 ton Zugkraftwagen Bussing-NAG and Variants




 Well the Nuts & Bolts team strikes again this time providing readers with an in-depth, well-researched reference on the Sd Kfz 6 - 5 ton Zugkraftwagen Bussing-NAG and several variants. As in previous volumes, the Nuts & Bolts team have compiled a one-stop reference resource for military vehicle enthusiasts, historians and scale modelers that include a well-composed and written vehicle development history and organization and photo history.  Many photos of the Sd.Kfz. 6 5 ton from its early development to the battlefield to include several variants used throughout WW II are included. No Nuts & Bolts would be complete without a series of scale line drawings (1/35) and color plates of various vehicles and variants.  The final chapter of this volume includes several 1/35 scale models of this vehicle from various highly renowned modelers from around the world.


Vital Statistics

Author: Dr. Nicholas Hettler

Editor(s): Heiner Duske, Tony Greenland, Detlev Terlisten

Artwork: Laurent Lecocq

Drawings: (Late) John Rue and L.E. De Coninck

Release date:  November 20, 2017

Format - Size A4 (8.25 x 11.75)

Page count - 224 pages printed on glossy heavy paper.

Photos - 430 photographs

Color Photos - 120

Tables/Drawings/Diagrams - 28 pages of scale drawings

Tactical and Unit Organization pages 

Scale Model Layouts - 38 scale model pictures 

Language: German and English text


A Look Inside Nuts & Bolts volume 39




Nuts & Bolts have been around since at least 1996 when it printed Volume 1 on the Jagdtiger  and has been providing historians, modelers and all around military vehicle enthusiasts everywhere with exceptional reference books.  Volume 39 being its latest offering is no exception to high quality photos and extensive research. Looking at the Table of Contents, one can see this volume in itself is a self-contained, all-inclusive reference resource for all things Sd.kfz. 6 - 5 tonner to include the different variants.  


The Nuts & Bolts authors have included a great collection of photos and research in this volume, and actually throughout the complete Nuts & Bolts series. Nearly all photos are clear, well cropped and are properly identified. The heavy, gloss stock used to produce this publication will ensure years of enjoyment and use under normal conditions.



Many of the pages have at least two photos per page and with left and right side views where available.




Nearly all the wartime pictures included in this volume are in focus which captures a lot of detail.




Modelers, especially will enjoy this volume with it's 'in action' photos and will come in handy on any modeling project involving the Sd.kfz. 6.



Now this is quite an iconic photo and deserves to be replicated with a scale model.




The famous 'Diana' photographed in theatre.


Line drawings: Nuts & Bolts includes 28 pages of line drawings of this vehicle and variants.  This is a treasure trove for scale modelers, especially scratchbuilders.





Color Plates: A color plate section is included that contains 14 camo schemes and acts as a nice guide when preparing for the next modeling project.






Restored Vehicles: Nuts & Bolts includes numerous photos of restored vehicles capturing detail many wartime photos just don't show or are included in most scale model kits.  The inclusion of these pictures are invaluable to modelers and scratch builders who are always on the hunt for accuracy.



Scale Models: This section, while probably more appealing to the modeler than the historian, show just what some dedication and hard work can produce.



What Nuts & Bolts publication would be complete without including photos of scale models of the topic being covered?  Models depicted are from well-known and respected modelers and are quite stunning in every respect and a fitting conclusion to yet another exceptional Nuts & Bolts volume.

Pros: The Nuts & Bolt series is a treasure trove of research, coupled with exceptional photos to compliment each volume. This volume is no exception. It has something for the military vehicle enthusiast, historian, modeler and yes...the average modeler who likes to collect research books. The high quality of paper used, the great binding and the book's logical and systematic layout all compliment the fantastic work the author, editors, publishers and the whole Nuts & Bolts team invested in this and all volumes in the series. This volume dedicated to the Sd.Kfz. 6 - 5 ton and variants is no exception.  While the price may put some off from buying it, the great collection of written research and photos in one volume at the modeler's fingertips, is well worth the price. When it comes to modelers' 'reading material', the Nuts & Bolts series should be at the top of the list.

Cons: None

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders, military enthusiasts and historians everywhere.

Thanks goes out to Nuts & Bolts for this review kit.

Reviewed by Chuck Willis

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