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Tankograd Militar Fahrzeug 2-2018

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Tankograd Publishing
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Paul Roberts


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Militär Fahrzeug 2018/2

Tankograd Publishing

56 pages plus covers



Militar Fahrzeug magazine is a high quality German-language military vehicle quarterly published by Tankograd Publications. While earlier issues included a summary in English, current issues are in German only.

This issue of the magazine has a total of 13 articles on a variety of subjects. I do wish I read German enough to more than guess at the text and captions. Still, as is usual with this magazine, the photos really are quite good and may be worth the purchase price if the topics interest the reader.


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First up is an article on the Leopard 2-based Leguan armoured bridging vehicle. There are quite a number of good, 1/2 page photos of the vehicle and the bridge laying sequence plus a couple photos of the Iveco semi-trailer used to transport spare bridges without the Leguan itself.

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Next is a cool article on an experimental PzKw III variant, the ZW-40.

The third article is a short one-page piece on the Offroad Power Booster accessory available for the PTL 70-90  heavy equipment semi-trailer which, if I get the meaning of the article, provides power to two of the five sets of real axles on the trailer to permit heavier loads to be moved by the HEMTT tractor.

Fourth is a 2-page spread on the 1st Cavalry Div Museum at Fort Hood, TX with some nice photos. 

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Next is a short article on the Unimog "mothership" variant in service with the Australian Special Forces. 

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This is followed by a short, mostly photo piece on the M1A2 SEP, though I'm not sure what the subject matter is, unfortunately. 

The seventh piece is a one page description with photos and a dimensioned sketch of a new heavy-lift armoured mobile crane for the German Army's engineers.

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A timely article with the new Copper State Lancia kit on the way is this piece on the Lancia 1zM with many, really nice, period photos. If you are a fan of WW1 armoured cars, this alone has to be worth the cost of the magazine.

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The ninth article is a feature on the late Cold War exercise Fighting Herald 88. Lots of photos of late Cold War equipment with a bonus ORBAT for a Chieftain-equipped tank squadron. Even a really nice photo of a  Chieftain in "tiger striped" camo.