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Sumter, South Carolina
Apr 07-09, 2016
314 Days To Go!



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New Reviews

May 27Leopard Workshop - 1/35 Canadian Aerials for Leopard 2A4M/2A6M CAN
May 27Tamiya - 1/35 German Heavy Armored Car Sd. Kfz. 234/2 Puma
May 26Mirror Models - 1/35 10 cwt trailer GS
May 26Classic Military Vehicle 168
May 26Value Gear - 1/35 10 cwt Cargo Trailer Stowage
May 26Value Gear - 1/72 Jerry Can/Tarp Roll Set German
May 26Leopard Workshop - 1/35 Canadian Aerials for Leopard C2 (late) and C2 MEXAS
May 26Academy - 1/35 T-34/85 Zavod 112
May 26Dragon - 1/72 M65 Atomic Annie
May 26Verlinden - 1/32 Roman Javelin Thrower
May 25Masterbox - 1/35 German Soldier - Bycyclist, 1939-1942
May 25Peko - Sturmgeschutz III on the Battlefield, part 3
May 25Ammo - The Weathering Magazine - Issue # 6 - Kursk and Vegetation - December 2013
May 25Military Modelcraft International May 2015 Volume 19 Number 7
May 24Military Modelcraft International April 2015 Volume 19 Number 6
May 24Blast Models - 1/35 Stowage Set for Jeep- Bronco
May 22Ampersand - High Mobility: A Visual History of the U.S. Army's Modern HMMWV, Part 1
May 21AMMO - The Weathering Magazine, Issue 10, WATER
May 21Tankograd- RG-31 MK 5
May 20Juweela - 1/48 Flexway Pavers (grey)

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May 26FS (2) 1/35 British WWII KIts AFV Club , Tamiya
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May 14Re: AMPS 2015 Seminar Viedos are now on the website-thanks Pete
May 14Re: AMPS 2015 Seminar Viedos are now on the website
May 13Thanks to the AMPS Judging Team
May 13Re: AMPS 2015 Seminar Viedos are now on the website
May 13Re: Sorry . . .
May 13Sorry . . .
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AMPS 2015 Show Results.

The AMPS 2015 Convention is now part of history.

AMPS wants to thank all members, vendors, and attendees for making this show a success.  For your convenience we are providing PDF files of the Category Results and the Best of Winners. Click HERE for the Category Medal Results.  Click HERE for the Best of Winners. We hope to see you all again at next years show in Sumter, South Carolina.

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